Lesson Planner Admin Tools

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The Lesson Planner Admin Tools allow you to complete a few admin actions and control a few settings over the lesson planner by school.

This is found via Lesson Planner>Setup>Admin Tools.


Move Lesson Books to Another User

  1. In Step 1, select the name of the User whose Lesson Books you wish to move 
    • Users will only show up on this list if they possess Lesson Books in the school you are in
  2. In Step 2, select the User to whom you wish to move the Lesson Books
  3. Click  button to actually move the Lesson Books 
    1. The User selected in Step 2 will now own all the Lesson Books previously owned by the User selected in Step 1 (for this school)
    2. Step 1's user will no longer own any Lesson Books (for this school)
    3. If you have multi-school users that need lessons moved from one user to another, repeat this process for each school they need their lessons moved in

Allow Lesson Planner to Automatically Create Books

If you allow the lesson planner to auto create books, whenever a user logs into their lesson planner, lesson books will automatically be created for them (Recommended)

The lesson books that are auto created are based on the courses taught by the staff members linked to the user via: Lesson Planner>Setup>Staff to User

These books will automatically be tied to the associated course and Gradebook they were created for.

Also, the lesson book will be checked off to appear on the Lesson Planner>Calendar screen.

Admin Mode

If you place the Lesson Planner in Admin Mode then only system administrators, users with the 'sysadmin' role, can view and access the Lesson Planner.

This is useful during times like the summer so admins can freely perform administrative tasks without teachers using their lesson planners

You can optionally update the text in the 'Admin Mode Message to Users' box to leave a message for non-admin users to see when they go to the Lesson Planner module

Remember to turn off Admin Mode when you're ready to let your users back into the Lesson Planner

Settings for Reviewing Lesson Plans

Allow teachers to post notes to Reviewer

If you allow teachers to post notes to Reviewers then Lesson Planner Users will be able to respond to comments made on their lesson plans during the review process from their Lesson Planner>Calendar

When the option is enabled, users will be able to open this pop up box by clicking the button next to the completed review status.


Display 'Changes Required' field for Reviewers

When Administrators are reviewing Lesson Plans via the Review Plans screen, they may post a review with the Review Completed option, or with the Changes Required option selected, if it is enabled.

Both options will trigger an alert for the teacher that one of their Lesson Books has a review posted. If the 'Changes Required' option was used, this will prompt the teacher to make revisions to their lesson plans, and then 'Resubmit' their Lesson Plans. 

Attach Weekly Review Report as Email Attachment

After an administrator posts a review to a teacher's Lesson Plans, it will trigger an e-mail alert to that teacher.

When this option is enabled, the teacher receives the review as an e-mail attachment.

This can also be obtained from within the teacher's Lesson Planner.

The review report includes all comments made by the reviewer, about each Lesson Plan, or overall.

Settings for Curriculum Mapping

Automatically push Units and Lessons from Mappings to Courses

With this option enabled, any setup you have done for your courses via the Lesson Planner > Mapping screen will be copied automatically to any teachers scheduled into those courses.

Mapping Available in School Year

Schools to include in Mapping with the Current School

You can optionally include other schools in your district in the Curriculum Mapping that you have setup in the Lesson Planner for the current school.

This is useful in districts that have multiple schools in the system that share the same curriculum and want to use the same Curriculum Mapping.

The course codes must match exactly in both schools in order for the mapping to go from one to school to the other.

Also, when using this option, the same course code in different schools cannot be treated differently.

  • ie: Eng 101 at High School North is going to be treated exactly the same as Eng 101 at High School South.

It is recommended that when using this option you setup only one of your schools with all of the Curriculum Mapping, to avoid any issues of overlapping

Other Options

Allow advanced formatting for lesson fields

This enables a formatting toolbar when teachers are creating Lesson Plans, allowing special editing such as bold, underline, bullet points, etc. See below:



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