How to prevent users from logging in until a specific date

Modified on Mon, May 22, 2023 at 3:35 PM


This article will show you how to utilize the Update Selected User Fields tool, located in Genesis under Setup > Security > Users > Tools in order to prevent users from accessing Genesis until a specified date. For example, you can easily disable access for teachers until September of the new school year. 

With this method, you can mass-update a user field called "Enabled On (cannot log in until)" with a future date. Filling in this date field will automatically prevent users from logging into Genesis, and automatically allow them to log in again, starting on that date. Everything is automatic, and you only have to worry about setting the field. 

The users who will be updated are enabled users that have the selected role assigned. 

Note: Only users with the 'sysadmin' role are allowed to work with this tool

Recommendation for running the Update Selected User Fields tool

The following are only examples of how you may wish to run this tool. The exact values you will select will be different than shown:

1.  Check off the data field that you would like the tool to set: Enabled On (cannot log in until)

2.  To the right of the field, insert the exact date that users should be allowed to access the system again. ex: 09/01/2023

3.  Select the users you wish to update. Select the appropriate role (ex: 'counselors') in the field Update users that have this role. ex: 'teachers' 

4.  To prevent sysadmin users from being disabled, leave the box checked Do NOT update users with sysadmin role which is checked off by default. 

5.  When ready, click Mass update selected fields on enabled users.

6.  Search at least one user to verify the changes were made successfully. You should now see a date on the user's Enabled on date field. Those users should be disabled as of today but will automatically be able to log into Genesis as of the enabled on date. 

Note: When users have Enabled On (cannot login until) populated, this will NOT uncheck their Enabled setting. Users must remain set to 'enabled' for this feature to work...

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