Athletic Team Event Attendance Setup

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How Does Athletic Team Attendance Work?

Athletics attendance uses a dedicated Turnstile Event to check student athletes present or absent from team Events.

A dedicated Turnstile Event is created for a team, and all of the team's sporting events - including practices, games/meets/matches, team meetings, etc - are taken attendance using the dedicated Turnstile event.

A "Team" here is a specific level of a sport, such as Girls Varsity Track.   There generally needs to be a separate Turnstile Event for each Team (i.e. each level of a sport).

Setting Up Athletic Team Attendance

To set up athletic attendance, go to the Athletics->Setup->Team Settings->Attendance Settings screen:

Once on that screen, select the season and the sport you want to setup attendance for:

This will bring up a list of all of the levels for the selected sport:

This gives you a separate entry for each "level" of the Sport.  The "levels" are defined on the Setup->Districts->Master District Parameters->Activities->Activity Levels screen.  The screen lists the number of staff members who are associated with the team (i.e. coaches, assistant coaches, administrators, etc.) and the number of students currently assigned to each level.

To set up attendance for a team, you must select or create a Turnstile Event for the Team

You can either select an existing Turnstile Event from the drop down or create a new event to be dedicated to this team:

When you click the "Create New Event" button, a confirmation dialog is displayed:

Clicking OK will create a new Turnstile Event linked to this specific team (e.g. "Varsity Baseball").

You will now be able to take attendance for Calendar Events associated with this team.  

Setting Up Default "Manual" Attendance

It is possible to select a default attendance code to be applied to all team members when someone brings up the team's Attendance screen for a date with a scheduled team Calendar Event.

On the Athletics->Setup->Team Settings->Attendance Settings screen, there is a "Manual Attendance  - Default Attendance for Manual Entry" column of settings for each team:

This can be set to "No Default Attendance", "Present", or "Absent".

When a staff member brings up the Athletics->Team Dashboard->Attendnce screen and selects a date on which there is a scheduled team Calendar Event, the selected attendance code is automatically posted to each student:

To automatically post attendance, this screen & date must be visited at least once:  attendance is NOT automatically posted if the screen is not entered and a date chosen.   This is why it is "Manual Entry".  Attendance is NOT posted simply by creating a Calendar Event for the team.

If "No Default Attendance" is selected (and this is the default), no attendance code is posted when the screen is entered:  each student's attendance will need to be individually selected on the screen.

Allowing Non-Rostered Students to "Attend" Team Events

It is possible to allow students who are not on a team's roster to check in to a team Calendar Event.  To allow this, a setting must be selected on  the Athletics->Setup->Team Settings->Attendance Settings screen:

The Allow Non-Rostered Student Check-ins column of checkboxes allows you to specify which sports levels/teams allow for students to check-in to a Calendar Event for the team/level even when they do not have a "Sports Participation" record for the sport & level:

To allow "walk-ons" to team/level Calendar Events, check the checkbox corresponding to the team/level for which you wish to allow this.  For example, you may wish to allow these for "To be determined" try out events, but not for team games/meets/matches or team practices.

If the "Allow Non-Rostered Student Checkins" checkbox is checked, non-rostered students can check into team events via Turnstile.  

Setup to Allow Automatic Creation of Team Calendar Events

It is possible for Team Calendar Events to be automatically created if a student checks-in to Turnstile for a team event on a date on which no team Calendar Event yet exists.   The Calendar Event Type column on the  Athletics->Setup->Team Settings->Attendance Settings screen: allows you to setup the type of "team event" that will be created if automatic event creation is allowed:

The "Calendar Event Type" for a team/level can be set to "Do not create calendar events" or to one the Calendar Event Types setup on the Calendar->District->Calendar Setup->Events Types screen.  If "Do not create calendar event" is selected, 

no Event will be created if one does not already exist when a team member checks in to the team's Turnstile Event.   If an event type is selected (e.g. "Practice", "Game", ...) a Calendar Event of that type will be automatically created if a team member checks into Turnstile for the team's Turnstile Event.

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