Team Dashboard Calendar Screen

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The Team's Calendar

The Team Calendar screen is Athletics->Team Dashboard->Calendar. This shows events for all selected Calendars.   The Calendar for the team showing in the drop down is automatically selected:

Users have access to all Teams for which they are listed as a coach, an assistant coach or an administrator.  Those teams will appear in the "team" drop down.   You will not have access to any team for which you are not a coach, assistant coach or an administrator.  (Coaches are assigned on the Athletics->Rosters->Manage Coaches screen.  Typically the Athletic Director has access to that screen.)

Creating an Event

To create a new Calendar Event for the team click on the day #:

Clicking on the day number causes the "Add Event" button to appear (see above).  This causes the "Add Event" button to appear:

Click on Add Event to cause the actual "Add Event" dialog to be displayed:

You can now add your Calendar Event:   

  • Select a date.  
  • The Calendar should automatically default to the Team's Calendar, which is automatically created for you.  
  • Select a "Type of Event".  The Event types are defined - and can be added to. removed and edited on the Calendar->District->Calendar Setup->Event Types screen.
  • Enter a description (.e.g. "Team Practice") for your Calendar Event.
  • Optionally, enter a more extensive summary of the event
  • Optionally enter start and end times
  • If you are creating a set of regularly scheduled events - e.g. Team Practices - you can specify "Does Not Repeat" or Repeats "Daily" or "Weekly".

Once you have completed entering the details of the Calendar Event, click "Save Event" to actually create the Event.

It should then appear on the team calendar:

Updating or Deleting Team Calendar Events

Team Calendar Events can be updated from the Athletics->Team Dashboard->Calendar screen:

To update an existing team Calendar Event, click on the highlighted label for it:

This will bring up the "Modify Event" dialog:

This dialog allows you to make changes to any of the fields - including the date, and event the Calendar.   Once you have completed your changes, click Save Event to save them.  

To delete the event, click the "Delete Event" button.  This brings up a confirmation dialog:

To continue and delete the event, click "OK".  To cancel the deletion, click "Cancel".

Attendance Information in the "Modify Event" Dialog

If attendance has already been posted for the event, the attendance codes for each team member will be shown in the Modify Dialog:

If you are allowed to post attendance for the team for this Calendar Event, a "Take Attendance" button also appear.   Click this brings you to the Athletics->Team Dashboard->Attendance screen where you can actually modify the team member's attendance for the Calendar Event.  TheAthletics->Team Dashboard->Attendance screen is described here.

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