Troubleshooting GPAs

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How do I audit a student's GPA to check out the calculations / verify the information is correct?

You can pull up the student in question via Student Data>Modify Student>GPA. Click on the GPA code in question, and you'll see the GPA audit.

This includes all of their courses, their weight etc. This allows you to see how the calculation was made.

If something is missing, and you need to modify a curriculum file, you would most likely need to run grade maintenance via Grading>GPA/Rank>Maintenance first to get the latest grade info, and then re-run GPAs, and then re-run Ranks.

That will allow you to get the updated grade information for the kids. (You can also always run grade maintenance for individual students via Student Data>Modify Student>GPA, as well as GPAs.)

We made changes on the Curriculum file (Weight etc) | OR | We made changes to a Grade Value | OR | We made changes to our Grade Calculations | OR | We made changes to our Automatic Credit Loss info | OR | It just does not look as if our students' GPA records look correct/up to date.  What do we do to get the latest GPA info based on our latest grade info?

You will need to run Grade Maintenance via Grading>GPA/Rank>Maintenance. This recalculates the grade info. After you run maintenance, then you re-run GPAs, and then you re-run Ranks.

Use this feature when changes have been made to the Course Weights or Alpha Grade values and the changes need to be applied to all grades.

The following items are recalculated for each grade:

  • Credits
  • Quality points for GPA Calculations
  • Passing / Failing Grade
  • Earned / Attempted Credits
  • Semester and Final grades are recalculated.
  • Automatic Credit Loss from Attendance Failures. (See Grading -> Setup -> Att. Credit Loss)
  • Use in Honor Roll flag

There are inactive students still showing up in our RANKS.  How do we get them out?

You need to clear out the ranks using the "Remove the rankings from the GPA listed above." on the Grading>GPA/Rank>Ranking.

This process will clear ALL rankings for the selected GPA record and must be run in order to clear students from a GPA rank.   

Make sure the correct GPA code is selected above this tool - that is the one you are CLEARING OUT.  And then you can re-run the rank, with "Active Students Only" selected to get only active kids.

How can I verify which GPA code is pulling to this specific Report Card field?

Every district pulls this info a little bit differently.  So, you will need to review the macros you have on your report card and compare it to the GPA codes found on Grading>GPA/Rank>Setup.

Spots to check:

You can view the macros for specific fields on a report card via Grading>Report Card>Templates>Fields:

If you click into the Fields tab, you will see all of the macros listed. Locate the GPA macros. (Note: also make sure to spell check the macro - that's a common cause of GPAs not listing on the report card when they should be.)

So, for example, you might see a macro listed as GPA_UCUM - which would indicate, in that specific spot, you are pulling a student's UCUM GPA.

Or, you might see a GPA_18-19MP1 macro - which would indicate, in that specific spot, you are pulling a student's Marking Period GPA code.

Once you can narrow that down, you can then check a student's Student Data>Modify Student>GPA tab to see if they have had that specific GPA code calculated. If the GPAs have not been run, the GPA will not appear on the report card itself, for example.

Some districts might specify the specific GPA selections on the Grading>Report Card>Report Cards>Modify screen as well.

You can review/change these settings in the "GPA 1 (optional)" dropdowns. This GPA can be referenced directly with a GPA_DEF1 macro on the report card. If you are not using those macros, you are most likely not using the GPA selections on this screen.

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