Finalizing Grades

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There are some things you may need to do towards the end of the school year to “finalize” grading. Every school and district is different - this is a general overview of the places to review etc.

How to Close Grading

You can open and close grading for teachers throughout the year.  When it comes to closing it out, you navigate to Grading>Grading Process>Open/Close Grading.

Click the “Close Grading” button.  This will now prevent teachers from entering any additional grades.

You can use the Grading>Grading Process>Posted Grade Verification tab to get an idea of how many teachers have posted their grades or have not posted their grades.

You can use the Student Data>Student List>Grade Search screen to review grade data.

How to Run Report Cards

You can generate report cards via Grading>Report Cards>Generate.

You can also allow the marking period report card (such as MP4) to be displayed in the Parent Portal via the settings on Parent Access>Setup>Settings>School Settings>Report Cards.

For example, you would enter the date that you want the MP4 report card to be “live” to parents in the portal by entering that date in the “Date to Display” field in the MP4 row. You can set this per school.

You may also need to make the report card available to parents via Grading>Report Cards>Report Cards if it’s not currently set.

How to Run GPAs

The process to do this would be:

  • Go to Grading>GPA/Rank>GPA Calc. Select the GPA code that you need in the "GPA(s) to re-calculate" dropdown and click "Calculate."
  • Then, go to Grading>GPA/Rank>Ranking. Select the same GPA code you need in the "Rank(s) to run" dropdown and click "Calculate."
  • Then, if needed, you can run report 40500 Class Rank / GPA Report via Grading>Reports. Make sure to select the same GPA code you need as you run the report. (*Rank* needs to be run for this report to work.)

How to Run Transcripts

You can generate transcripts via Transcripts>Print.

You may need to update the “Date of Graduation” field for current 12th graders.

You can do this en masse via Administration>Assignments>Graduation Dates.  Fill in the date up top, click "Update Students" and then click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.


You may also update en masse using STUDENT LISTS via Student Data>Mass Change. Select your student list, select "Graduation Date" as the Data Field, and then enter the Date in the "Select a Date" field, and click "Apply Changes."

You can also update this field for individual students from the Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required screen by updating the "Date of Graduation" field and clicking "Save."

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