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The following is a brief overview of the ASSA summary screen. In order for you to see Students on this screen you must collect the ASSA data from the Collect Data screen located in Attendance>ASSA.


Summary for Selection

The Summary for Selection drop down (seen below) includes a list of all Genesis schools that are set up as "Include In State Reporting" in the Genesis. Vocational and Regional Districts will additionally see a list of all resident districts from which their students are sent.

In addition, there is a grouping called "* Entire District*" that is a composite summary of all schools that are set up as "Include In State Reporting" in Genesis.

When you select a Summary Group from the drop down, the students presented in the Summary Screen will only include students within that summary Group. If you choose "Entire District", all student will be displayed. If you choose "Genesis High School", only student in Genesis HS will be displayed.

Note: Keep in mind the Summary for Selection drop down works in conjunction with the Program drop down.


The Program drop down is category grouping of schools in Genesis. There are SEVEN possible programs in Genesis; Regular (In District Students), Out of District, Alternative, Charter, Choice, Private School Disabled, and Resident Enrollment.

When you select a Program, only students in that Program will appear.

Students will appear in the Alternative, Charter, Choice and Private School Disabled Program if the student is enrolled into a school in Genesis that is marked YES for "Is Alternative", "Is Charter", "Is Choice", or "Is Private School Disabled" in the Genesis SETUP module. Students can and will appear in only ONE of these four Programs.

TIP: For a list of all the qualifying schools in a Program, note the text in red near the bottom of the screen that lists all of the included school codes.

A Student will appear in the Out of District Program if the student is enrolled in a school marked NO for "In District". Students MAY appear in BOTH the Out of District Program AND Alternative, Charter, Choice or Private School Disabled Programs. Additionally, students may be included in the CHOICE program if they have tuition records set for “06 - Paid by the state: a non-resident student attending a choice district”.

Students will appear in the Regular (In District Students) Program if they are NOT part of the Out of District, Alternative, Charter, Choice, or Private School Disabled Programs.

Students will appear in the Resident Enrollment Program if the student in on roll and not counted as a RECEIVED Student unless that RECEIVED STUDENT is has a Tuition Record that is marked as Tuition free: child of a teaching staff member. Students may appear in both the Resident Enrollment Program and any of the other Program selections.

Students will appear in Child of Staff or BOE if they have 'Child of District Employee / BOE Member' marked off in their Demographic > Categories screen.

The Program selection works in conjunction with the "Summary for Selection" drop down. If you choose an Out Of District school in the Summary Selector with the Regular (In District Students) Program, you should not see any students.

Enrollment Category

For Regular Ed, Genesis checks a student's Grade Level on October 15th and matched it to the appropriate Enrollment Category Code associated in Genesis with that Grade Level (associations are set in Valid Grades tab in District Setup).

If the student does not have a valid grade level, Enrollment Category will be "UNKNOWN".

Special Ed Enrollment 

If the student is Special Ed, Genesis will check to see if the student has an active Special Ed Classification (IEP) record as of October 15th with a Special Ed Code of "1 - Eligible for Special Ed. and Related Services". OR, if the student has an IEP with end date prior to 10/15, but does NOT have Special Ed Exit Date or Special Ed Exit Reason filled in. If so, Genesis will be placed into one of the following categories:

Students with Program Type Codes between 18 and 33, or 38 will be placed into Enrollment Categories based on their age as of June 30th (end of current school year) regardless of actual Genesis Grade Level. Categories are based on age as follows:

  • Age 11 and under - Elementary School
  • Age 12 - 14 - Middle School
  • Age 15 - 21 - High School

If not listed in Program Type Codes 18-33 or 38 they will then be categorized as follows:

  • Special Ed Elementary Students in Grade Level PK - 05 or ungraded students under the age of 11 as of October 15th.
  • Special Ed Middle School Students in Grade Level 06 - 08 or ungraded students aged of 12 to 14 as of October 15th.
  • Special Ed High School Students in Grade Level 09 - 12 or ungraded students aged of 15 to 21 as of October 15th.

Note: Genesis will continue to pickup students who's IEP have ended prior to October 15th in case the district plans on adding a new IEP for the student, but hasn't yet. Genesis performs this check as follows:
- If there is no 10/15 IEP, the most recent IEP is used instead. However, if the most recent IEP has an exit date, or starts after 10/15, it will not qualify for the report. This is the same logic used in the October 15th Special Ed submission.

TIP: You may change the way Self Contained are collected on the Collect Data page.  There is an option box to collect Self Contained Students by Grade rather than Age

Student Totals

All Student Totals on the screen are also hyperlinks that will show you an actual list of the student's who make up the total. In the above example I've circled the student total for students in the Grade 7 Enrollment Category who are Full Time Not Sent or Received. Clicking on the "2" will bring you to a new page that lists those individual 2 students. From there, you may also link into the individual students record.

Column Headers


Clicking on a Column Header link not only brings you to the list of students contained within that grouping, it also sorts and totals your data as well.

For example, in the example above I will go ahead and click on the column header for Sent Full (SentF). Doing so, will bring me to the screen below.

As you can see, this screen not only lists all of the student who are Sent Full, but sorts and totals by County, District, and Enrollment Category.

This is presented in the same fashion as you will need to enter your results into the State's DOENET software.

You may also wish to view students for an individual District/County only.

You may do so by selecting that District and County from the "Show" drop down.

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