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How are fields derived for students for these collections?

SID Management

Course Roster Submission

State Assessment Registration Submission


From the Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart screen, there are 3 subtabs.




The Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart screens provide you a way of looking at, and modifying, an individual student's NJSmart record as will appear when running a collection.

SID Snapshot tab

The SID Snapshot tab will list all available SID Management snapshots.  You may select which snapshot you wish to view from the "Select a snapshot view" drop down.

The top portion of the screen will list summaries of all the student's entries for that snapshot.  SID management (as of 8/5/2021) may produce multiple rows per student.  When you click on a summary row, the data for that row will appear below it.

You may chose to override many of the fields in the collection.  To do so, click the Override link next to a field, type in a new value, then hit Save Override.

Overridden values will appear with a yellow highlight on the screen.

Keep in mind that any override values you enter on a record are for that record only.  If a student has two records (rows) for SID, you will need to enter overrides on both records if it is needed on both.

Binocular Icons appear next to the SchoolCodeResident, SchoolCodeAttending, and SchoolCodeReceiving values.

Clicking on or hovering over the icon will show a brief description of why Genesis chose that CDS for Resident, Attending, and Receiving respectively.

Manually Created Records

Under the summary row on top you will notice a button to "Manually Create SID Enrollment Record(s)".  By default, Genesis automatically creates and calculates data for a student's SID record.  If you choose to disable that calculation and manage the students SID records your self.  If manual records are created for a student, Genesis will no longer calculate SID for the student but use the records you have created instead.

When you click the button to create manual records, the screen will refresh and you will be presented with the previously calculated records for the student.  In this mode however, you are able to edit every NJSmart field for this student for this collection.  You may also delete rows or duplicate rows if the student requires additional entries for SID.

If you no longer want to maintain the records yourself, you may delete the entries for that student and Genesis will automatically resume calculating that student's SID records.

Other Snapshots tab

The Other Snapshots tab contains the collection info for the Special Ed and Assessment Registration collections.

This screen now shows, not only what a student's data looked on your district's previous run of a particular NJSmart collection but also what the student's collection data would look like if you ran that same collection today.

The previously run collection values will appear in the "Snapshot Value from Last Run" column (Date run will be included in the column name).

Values from what that collection would look like if run today will appear in the "Snapshot Value if Run Today" column.

A new row" Exclusion from Collection Reason" now appears for collections a student was excluded from. If a student is not a part of the collection, this line will tell you why Genesis did not include the student.

"Exclusion from Collection Reason" is populated when running a collection, so any previously run collections will not show the reason, however, the "Snapshot Value if Run Today" column will.

Course Submission tab

The course submission tab shows read-only view of student's course submission records from most recent course submission run. Course Submission must be run prior to seeing student data.

This is found via Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart>Course Submission.


Remote Learning Elements

The Remote Learning tab contains some additional fields for the SID Management collection.  Value filled in here will appear in the NJSmart collection.



The Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart>Settings screen is where you can also check off to "Never Include Students From These Collections" if necessary. SID mgmt, State Data, Special Ed, Course Submission, State Assessment Reg, and Exclude from ASSA are options here. You may use the Notes field to leave yourself notes as to why the student may be exempted. This notes field does not appear anywhere else in the system.

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