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Staff working in Genesis may store electronic signatures which can be used to sign-off on student IEP, 504, I&RS, IHP and other documents.

A report can be run on a particular document to track which staff members have signed or staff who have not signed.

GenMessaging can alert staff when a new document requires a signature (for IEP, 504, and IRS documents only).

This article will guide you in getting this functionality working in your school.

Additional information can be found in these other articles:

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- Staff Signature Audit Report

Getting Started

Map Users to their Staff Records

In order for a staff member to be able sign, the staff's user must have their Staff record marked as representing themselves.  Staff can do this manually within their Web Desk or this can be done administratively by modifying a user record in Setup → Security → Users.

You can mass update all of your users by using the Staff → Staff → Tools → User to Staff screen.  Once you have updated your user records to your staff records, we are ready to let the system know that we are going to require signatures for our forms.

Require the Signatures

On the Setup → Schools → Modify School → Basic Params screen, there are 3 fields under the Special Ed section that control whether your staff are required to sign the student forms.

If the fields are "Require staff signatures for student IEP's", "Require staff signatures for student 504's", and "Require staff signatures for student I&RS's" are checked, the system will now allow the staff to sign the forms within the gradebook, as well as on the Student Data → Modify Student → Signatures screen.

Please note that this is a school option, so you will need to turn this on for any school within your district that you wish to have this functionality.

Signing the Forms

Signing in the Gradebook

On the gradebook's main spreadsheet screen, each student who has a IEP, 504, or I&RS record that needs to signed will be highlighted.  

On the screen, the teacher will also see an icon next to the student's name.  

In order to sign the form for the student, the teacher just has to click the icon. 

Gradebook Spreadsheet Screen, click to expand image

Signature Screen, click to expand image

1A - Gradebook Spreadsheet screen

1B - Signature screen

1C - Storing the staff signature

1D - Signing with a stored signature


In the example above, student Bob Blaylock has a 504 that needs to be signed by the teacher (Picture 1A). His row is highlighted and the icon is right in front of the student's name. As long as the 504 has not been signed, the student will be displayed like this.

So in order to sign the 504, The staff member will click on the icon to get the signature screen (Picture 1B). The signature pad on the screen can be signed by using a mouse, or by the staff member using a touch device.

Once signed, the teacher should hit the "Save Signature to 504" button to complete the signing.  

If this is the first time the staff member has signed a form, they will be presented with a popup after the screen refreshes (Picture 1C).

The popup will ask them if they would like to store their signature for future use.

If they hit the OK button, the signature will be stored inside of Genesis so the user will not have to do the actual "signing" in the future (Picture 1D).

They will just have to hit a button called "Save with Stored Signature" and they will be able to quickly and easily sign the forms for all their students.


Signing in Student Data

Some staff members, like counselor's, will not have a gradebook to be able to sign the student forms.  

For these staff members, they should be given access to the Student Data → Modify Student → Signatures → Sign screen.  

This will allow them to sign any IEP, 504, or I&RS for their students.  Teachers can also use this screen although the gradebook is an easier option for them.

The Signature screen within Student Data is almost exactly like the gradebook's screen (See Above).  The user is presented with a signature pad that can be signed by mouse or touch device.  

If the user's signature has already been stored, they will be able to just use sign the form using the stored signature.  


Clearing a Stored Signature

If a staff member would like to clear their signature that is stored in Genesis, they can click "Remove Signature."  If this is clicked, then the stored signature is removed.  

Any form that has already been signed by this staff member will still show as having signed the document.

You'll only be able to see this option if the Logon ID you are logged in as has the staff ID assigned and has "represents user" checked off.

Auditing the Signatures

Individual Students

You can audit signatures for an individual student on the Student Data → Modify Student → Signatures → Audit screen. This screen will last all teachers for a student as well as their counselor and case manager.

If one of these staff members has not signed the IEP, 504, or I&RS, their row will be highlighted in red.  

Any staff member who has signed the form will appear on the screen (including staff who are not the students teacher, counselor or case manager).

Staff Signature Report

The Staff Signature Report is located under Student Data → Reports.  This report can be run by staff member or by student and can be output in PDF or in Excel.  This will report on an entire school.


21450 - Staff Signature Audit - Lists staff who have or have not signed for student IEP, 504 or I&RS forms. This can be run by student or by staff. The 'Last Viewed' column will only have data if the staff is marked as representing their user and your school audits document views.

72150 - User Signature Audit - This report will display students who are associated with the user that runs the report, and indicate which students still have documents that require signature. 

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