My Data Views Screen

Modified on Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 9:56 AM

Data Views

Similar to the 'Setup Data Views' screen, however users can only see views that they have role access to and can only view students that they have access to. 

View Students

This screen shows every student that is on this view and that the current user can view, they can be filtered by School, Grade, Gender, Race, Low Income, Spec Ed, ELL, and by the score columns. Depending on the data in the cell there are 3 different ways of filtering them.

Only 250 students will be loaded at first and every time the page is scrolled to the bottom 250 more will be loaded with the correct filters and sorting applied.


  • Column Toggle

    1. The display of all the column can to toggle on/off by clicking the 'Toggle Columns' button in order to trim the view down to fit on one page. This will not affect sorting/filtering or the excel output and only affects the display of the page.
  • Export To Excel

    • Can export all students found to an excel even if they are not loaded onto the page. All filters and the sort order will be honored in the export.
  • Student List

    • Can add all found students to an existing list or create a new list with them.

Filter: The 'Filter' button must be pressed in order to apply filters, selected a value will not change anything.

  • Toggle - If there are less than 80 values the toggle button will appear which will bring up a list of checkboxes to select, if none are selected than everything will show, otherwise only what is checked off will show
  • Proficiency - If the column has proficiency values attached to it, then a dropdown will appear with the proficiencies listed. Selected one will filter based off of what was selected
  • Text Box - If there are proficiencies or more than 80 distinct values in a column then a text box will appear. Direct values such as '229' or 'Test' can be filtered on. If there are only numbers then the search can be done in ranged.  
    • '>X' will display all values greater than the value of X
    •  '<X' will display all values less than X
    • 'X to Y' will display all values in between the values of X and Y.


The score columns can also be sorted by clicking the header. Only one column can be sorted at a time and changing the filter will reset the sort.



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