Entering Scores with Gradebook

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The Gradebook can be used to enter scores directly into the assessment module.

How Scores are Stored in Assessments Module

Student Assessment Scores are stored on records that hold up to 200 scores for each unique student, test, exam, year and month.

A single record is identified by these fields:

Field / Column

Sample Data


*Student Id


Local Student Id

*Test Name


The name of the 'test' that this record represents. (AP = Advanced Placement)

Exam Name


If a test is broken down into exams, the exam name can be placed here.



The year the student took the assessment



The month the student took the assessment

* - These fields / columns are required.

Data Views Setup

Data entry is done purely through the views.   This gives you several major advantages:

  • Setup a data entry screen for a subset of scores in a complex assessment. 
  • Setup a data entry screen for a specific administration of an assessment that may have multiple records per school year.  (Fall, Winter, Spring Reading for example).

Tutorial 1: One Assessment / One Score

What we are going to do:

The first example we are going to build is for a simple assessment that is:

  • We'll call it "Year end reading assessment".
  • It will contain 1 score for reading
  • Administered once a year in March

With this assessment we will then:

  • Create a Data View that allows data entry from the Gradebook.
  • Demonstrate how to enter data from the Gradebook
  • Demonstrate how the data is stored

Create the assessment

To create this fictional assessment, we will first go to the Assessments>Setup>Assessments screen.

  1. Click the 'Add an Assessment Definition' button
  2. Fill out the required fields and click 'Add Assessment'
  3. You will be taken to the 'Modify Assessment' tab after creating the new assessment. For this example we are going to manually create our columns.
  4. 6 scores are automatically created for us - you will see this in the "Score Columns" section at the bottom.  We are only interested in the Reading score.
  5. We are going to add one more score called "Comprehension".
  6. Do this by filling in the fields at the bottom of the screen as shown above and then click on the Add button.

Create the Data View

  1. Go to the Assessments>Data Views>Setup screen.
  2. Add a data view called Year End Reading Entry.
  3. You will be taken to the Modify Year End Reading Entry tab, for example.
  4. We need to add two scores that we want to collect: Reading and Comprehension.
    Do the following: 
    1. Click on the Add Score Cell
    2. Choose the Select a score from a specific assessment radio button.
    3. Choose the Year End Reading Entry assessment from the drop down list.
    4. Click the Select button
    5. On the section of the screen that says Or add the selected columns... 
      1. Check the Reading and Comprehension check boxes.
      2. Click the Add these cells button
  5. Now we have the cells of data we wish to collect entered in.  We need to now tell it what year and month we want on the Student Assessment Score Record.
    1. In the year box enter 2012
    2. in the Month box enter September.
    3. Check the Enable data entry in gradebook
    4. Click the Save button.

What makes the assessments screen in gradebook updateable?

The teacher in the gradebook will only be shown edit field for a dataview if....

      • The year and month are filled in for the Gradebook data entry parameters
      • The Enable data entry in gradebook option is checked
      • The teacher has the sysadmin role or a role assigned to the data view that has Change rights.

At this point we have all of the fields entered in.  

  1. At the top of the screen is a warning that our snapshot is out of date.  
  2. Click on the Update Snapshot button.   This may take a few minutes as it is looking for any existing scores in the system.

Entering the grades in gradebook

This is what the data entry screen will look like in gradebook.

  • If you wish to make it read only (perhaps you have a cut off date when they can enter data); you can either change the security on the roll or take away the data entry in gradebook flag on the data view.

When the user clicks save on this screen the following tasks occur:

  • The raw data in the assessment is updated
  • The data view snapshot for the students on the gradebook screen are updated.

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