Conduct Settings

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Each school can have different conduct settings set via Conduct>Setup>Settings.

District Wide Settings:



School Settings

Student Point Date Settings

Set start and end dates

NOTE: The points recalculation will no longer recalculate a student's points using only incidents in the current school year. Now all incidents that occurred within the start and end dates that are defined on your Conduct>Setup>Settings screen will be used for the point totals, regardless of school year. In order to update the dates, configure the dates under the "Student Point Date Settings" section on that screen.

Detention Settings for automatic ATC and Turnstile incident creation

Check off which days you want to factor in: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday

Merit/Demerit Settings

Check off "Set Merit/Demerits as approved when they are created" if you'd like to have the Merits/Demerits immediately approved when created. If this is unchecked, they will be pending via Conduct>Merits Demerits until approved.

Student Point Removal Rules

Create rules using the "Add Rule" button. Additional options are: "Automatically run point removal routine each night" and "Check to use school days instead of calendar days in Point Removal logic." Click here for more info.

Use this date to determine point removal

Options are: "Date of the Incident" or "Date That Incident was Posted."

District Wide Settings

Populate 'System-assigned incident #' on the SSDS forms

If checked, the Genesis Incident # will be printed in the 'System-assigned incident #' field on the SSDS forms.

Put primary infraction as 'Incident description' and description on last page

If checked, the primary infraction will be used in the 'Incident description' field. The full description will be added to the last page of the SSDS forms.

Require Incident Description

Show infraction code with description in infraction code dropdowns

For Detention/ISS events, update oldest action date on Turnstile Checkin

(If unchecked, only a detention/ISS on the checkin date will be updated)

Default new incidents to show in Parents Module

For Student Data>Conduct and Conduct>Create Incident screens

Default new Gradebook Incidents to show in Parents Module

For Gradebook>Discipline screen

On Rollover, reset student points to zero, and change the dates to next year's start/end dates

Hide Victim and Offender names on HIB Incident Print PDF


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