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Question: Can I add new Infraction Locations?

Yes - from the Setup>Codes screen, in the "Infraction Location Codes" table.

Question: Can I add new Infraction Time Periods?

Yes - from the Setup>Codes screen, in the "Infraction Time Periods" table.

Question: I need to recalculate a student's penalty points starting from the beginning of the year. How can I do this?

This is actually quite easy to do. Just go to Conduct>Setup>Settings where you can set the start and end dates for points calculation. Once you update the dates, simply click on the "Recalculate Student Points" link to update your students in mass for a specific school.

Question: Can I add an incident through Student Data?

Depending on a user's access - yes. You can add it via Student Data>Modify Student>Conduct>List Incidents.

Question: I'm trying to add an infraction through Student Data but I am not seeing all the infractions. Why?

When entered via Student Data, they can only be "MISCONDUCT" infractions.  They cannot be NJ EVVRS violations.  You will need to add those from the main Conduct module.

Question: I do not see an infraction in my drop down list of infractions? Why is it not appearing?

A common problem is that the infraction code is not set up for the school type of the school that the student is in. Just go to Conduct>Setup>Infraction Codes and hit the modify icon on the code that is not appearing. Now Change the "School Type" field to "All Schools".

Question: Can I add in new Infraction codes? 

The MISCONDUCT group is the only group that can be altered. All other groups are defined by the State of NJ and cannot be altered. Please take a look at this article.

Question: Can I add a new Action Code?

Yes. From Conduct>Setup>Conduct Codes>Action Codes.

Question: Can I add a new Action Group Code?

Yes. If necessary, you can add one from Setup>Codes, there is an Action Group Code table.

Question: Can teachers post conduct incidents for students?

Yes. It's up to the district to set up their access/security. You most likely want to allow them to create discipline referrals through the Gradebook.

Question: What are merits/demerits?

Merits/Demerits is a system used for punishing and rewarding students based on acts of merit or insubordination. Review this article for more info.

Question: Why is no HIB info pulling to the CRDC reports?

Take a look at our CRDC documentation.

Question: Can I force all incidents to post to the Parent Portal?

This setting is found on Conduct>Setup>Settings. It is the "Default new incidents to show in Parents Module" option. (Student Data>Conduct and Conduct>Create Incidents screens)

Question: Can I force all incidents created through Gradebook to post to the Parent Portal?

This setting is found on Conduct>Setup>Settings. It is the "Default new Gradebook Incidents to show in Parents Module" option.  (Gradebook>Discipline screen)

Question: Can I allow parents to see additional conduct info in the Parent Portal?

Go to the Parent Access>Setup>Settings>School Setting->Discipline tab. You can show incidents, descriptions, points, and merits/demerits.

Question: For Attendance to Conduct: Daily Attendance is not set correctly by posting an Action Code for a student’s Conduct Infraction. 

Make sure Conduct-to-Attendance is enabled. Look on the Conduct>Setup>Attendance-to-Conduct screen to ensure that the Post attendance from conduct actions parameter is set to Yes.
Make sure the Action Code that was posted is correctly configured to cross-post the right Attendance code: Go to the Conduct>Setup>Conduct Codes>Action Codes screen, locate the Action Code causing trouble and verify that it specifies the right Action Code.

Question: For Attendance to Conduct: Conduct Incident is not created when student gets sufficient Tardies

1. Make sure Attendance-to-Conduct is enabled:  Look on the Conduct>Setup>Attendance-to-Conduct screen to ensure that  the Allow attendance to create incidents using rules parameter is set as intended. 

  • If it is set to “Inactive Status.  The rules will not be  applied”, Attendance-to-Conduct is turned off. 
  • If it is set to “Only apply rules for Attendance Checkin”, Attendance-to-Conduct will only work from the Attendance>Check-in screen.  
  • If it is set to “Apply rules for all attendance transactions”, Attendance-to-Conduct should always apply, no matter how Daily Attendance is posted.  

2. Make sure there is a Rule for the specific number of Tardies that the student has received. 

3. Make sure the Rule is for the right Attendance Cycle (i.e. right part of the School Year). 

4. Make sure the Rule generates the right Action Code.

Question: Where is the new SSDS info?

Take a look at our SSDS page. If you have any new info/documentation/changes to share with us, please enter a new JIRA with the help desk.

These are our current SSDS reports:

  • 51410 - Discipline Incidents - SSDS Incident Report Forms
  • 51411 - Discipline Incidents - SSDS Other Incidents Leading to Removal

Question: How do we populate Offender information on an Incident? 

This is related to the Modify Offender page of a Discipline Incident and how it automatically populates certain fields with properties of the student:

Offender FieldNotes
Offender TypeShows "Student with Disabilities" if Incident Date posted falls within the student's IEP start and end dates. Otherwise shows "Regular Education Student". IEP is located on the student Special Ed tab.
Spec Ed StudentThis is based on the Special Ed Designation field (Y/N) on the student's Demographics page, and does not depend on the incident date.
Fed ClassificationDisplays Federal Classification field from the student's Special Ed tab.
Section 504Displays Yes if the Incident Date posted falls within the student's 504 start and end dates. Located on the student's Tracking > Other > Student 504 tab. 
LEP StudentIndication that the student was in an ELL program at the time of the incident. This is located on the student's Tracking > ELL tab. 

Question: Can we manually remove conduct points from a student record?

Yes, you can do so if you use points.  If a student has points on their Student Data>Modify Student>Conduct tab, you'll see a "Create Point Reduction" button.  You can click that and then enter the number of points you want to remove:

You just need to set up a default 'point reduction' infraction code via Conduct>Setup>Infraction Codes.  You would have to check off the "Default Infraction for Auto Point Removal" option for the infraction code that you want to use.  It can be named something generic like "Point Reduction" or "Merit" etc.

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