Submitting Attendance from Home

Modified on Thu, May 18, 2023 at 12:37 PM

On the Parent Access>Setup>Settings>School Settings>Attendance screen, there is a new option to include the ability for a user to submit a Present Note.

Click on the icon next to "Allowable Attendance Types" to pop up a selection window where you can now check off Present. You can also click on the icon in the column header to set this for all your schools at once.

Once this is checked, parents or students with "Notify Attendance Office" checked off in their role (modified via Parent Access>Setup>Roles), will be able to submit a note as Present.

A Present note will only allow the student to post for the current day and a reason will not be required.

Once submitted, the note will appear on the Attendance>Notes screen. In order to process the Note, the user has to hit the "Update All to Default Attendance Code" and then hit Save All Updated Attendance. The default attendance code for a present note will be the standard Present code in Genesis (-).

How to Turn on the Notify Attendance Office Feature

  1. Navigate to the Parent Access>Setup>Settings>School Settings>Attendance screen.
  2. Check the Display Attendance Office Notes box for each school that should have this enabled, and click Save Settings.

How to Choose Which Attendance Codes Can Be Posted

On the same screen as above, click the gear icon next to Allowable Attendance Types to open the menu.

A pop up will appear and you can check off the acceptable attendance types for the district:

These are the attendance values that parents and students will be able to post when submitting an Attendance Note.

Click Save Settings when you are finished. Repeat for each school that has the feature enabled.

Optionally, this step can be completed for all schools at once by using the top-most gear icon next to Notify Attendance Office.

Note for districts who are allowing students to post “Present” from home: In order to allow “Present” to be posted for attendance, the “Present” option must be enabled in the above step. You do not have to adjust “Maximum Consecutive Days” as students will be permitted to post Present for today’s date only.

How to Give Access to the Notify Attendance Office Screen

First, your district must decide whether Parents or Students (or both) should be allowed to post attendance office notes.

  1. Navigate to the Parent Access>Setup>Roles screen, and locate the appropriate role(s) currently being used to give parents/students access. Within these roles are the specific screens they each give access to.
  2. Click on Modify (pencil button) to open the role that needs to be changed. 
  3. Check the Notify Attendance Office box. 
  4. Save your changes.

How Parents Will Submit "Present" Through the Portal

  1. Log into the Portal using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Attendance tab under Student Data.
  1. Click into the Notify Attendance Office screen
  2. Fill out the Notify Attendance Office form
    1. Select Present in the "Student will be" box
    2. Insert today’s date in the "On Date" box. Attendance can only be posted for today’s date.
    3. Check off the student’s name who will be posting as "Present" for today.
    4. Fill out a reason in the text box as directed by your school district.
    5. Click "Submit to Office" to post your attendance.

Q: Can students also check in for each class through the portal?

We added a new feature to class attendance on 8/11/20 which may help out here.

There is a new functionality for the parents where students can check into a class from the Parents/Student Module.

On the P screen, there are 2 field under the "Allow Student Checkin" column.

The first is to activate the student checkin and the second is a class attendance code to post when they check in.

It is recommended you create a new code like "Class Checkin" for this functionality.

The student can check into class from the Student Summary screen right above the schedule by clicking a "Check into Class" button. The button will appear 10 minutes prior to the start of class.

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