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Districts may allow parent users to create Parent Attendance Notes which notify the district that their student will be absent or tardy directly through the Genesis Parents Portal.

We have a webinar you can watch here.


In order to begin the process of allowing Parents to enter attendance notifications through the Parents Portal, you must first perform the following:

Enable “Notify Attendance Office" in your Parent Roles

After identifying which roles you wish to give this ability to, navigate to Roles screen in Genesis (Parent Access>Setup>Roles) and modify the appropriate Role. 

You will want to make sure to check off the "Notify Attendance Office" checkbox.  Only Parents with a Role that has "Notify Attendance Office" will be able to submit Parent Attendance Notes.

Enable "Show Notify Office" for Schools

Only parents whose students who are enrolled in a School with "Show Notify Office" permission will be able to submit a Parent Note. 

In order to enable a school, navigate in Genesis over to Parents>Setup>School Settings>Attendance. Locate the "Show Notify Office" column, and check off each school you would like to have this ability.

How it works

When a parent logs into the Parent Portal there are two paths to creating Attendance Notes for the attendance office. 

Each student who qualifies (based on setup) for Attendance Notes will have a link on their summary page labeled "Notify Attendance Office" found directly under the "THIS WEEK" attendance and assignments summary.



Clicking the link will bring you directly to the NOTIFY ATTENDANCE OFFICE tab.  Parents may also choose to navigate there directly by clicking on first, the Attendance tab, followed by the NOTIFY ATTENDANCE OFFICE tab.


The  NOTIFY ATTENDANCE OFFICE screen allows parents to submit notes to the office. 

Once on the screen, parents will be be able to:

  • Select whether the student(s) will be absent or tardy.
  • Select for which date the notification is for.  Parents may select either today or a future date.  Dates in the past will not be allowed.
  • Optionally select the day through which this attendance transaction takes place.  If a student is going to be absent more than one day, this allows them report that.
  • Select each student for which this notification pertains.  The district setup (as discussed above) will determine which students appear in the list.
  • Enter an attendance note describing the transaction.  This note will appear in Genesis on multiple attendance screens and the students information bar letting everyone know that this student has an attendance note on file.  For more information on how the Notes look on the Genesis side, please see article Parent Attendance Notes.


Once the form is filled in, the Parent will need to hit the "Submit to Office" button to finish.  Submitted forms will appear on the bottom of the screen so parents can keep track of any and all attendance notes they have created.

A note is created for each student for each day they will be absent/tardy.  If a parent reports their student will be absent on Monday and Tuesday, a separate note will appear for each day.

If a parent wishes to remove a submitted note, they may do so as long as the note has not yet been processed in Genesis.

This is accomplished by hitting DELETE next to the note.


Notes that have been processed by the attendance office will no longer have DELETE listed.

For more information about Parent Notes and how they work on the Genesis side, please read Parent Attendance Notes.

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