Grading Assignments with Rubrics

Modified on Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 10:15 AM

Rubric Grading in the Genesis Gradebook

Create an Assignment to be Graded with a Rubric

On the Add Assignment screen, it is now possible to select a Rubric to use to grade the Assignment.  

A new "Rubric" drop down has been added immediately below the "For Parents" field on the Add Assignment screen:

If at least one Rubric exists for the Gradebook, the Rubric drop down will be activated.

To grade the Assignment via a Rubric, simply select the Rubric from the Rubric drop down.

If no Rubrics exist in the Gradebook, the Rubric drop down will not appear.

Instead you will see a message indicating that no Rubrics have been defined for this course's Gradebook:  

What happens when a Rubric is selected for an Assignment?

The Grading Type field is forced to Numeric and the Max Possible Score field is forced to the maximum numeric value of the Rubric:

Rubric-graded Assignments MUST be numeric and the Max Possible Score must equal the maximum value of the Rubric itself.

Even if you over ride the Grading Type and Max Possible Score, if you have a Rubric selected, when you save and create the Assignment, the Grading Type is set to Numeric and the Max Possible Score is set to the maximum score for the selected Rubric.

What do I do if I accidentally selected the wrong Rubric for an Assignment?

If you have not yet graded any students, you will be able to switch the Rubric you initially selected.  

The Rubric drop down remains available on the Modify Assignment screen - as long as there are no grades:

Once you have graded any students, the Rubric is locked in and can no longer be changed or removed:

Once the Rubric is locked in, the only way to change it is to delete the Assignment and recreate it.

Grade a Rubric Assignment

To grade using the Rubric, open the Assignment for grading in the usual way (click in its column on the Gradebook->Gradebook spreadsheet). 

You will not be able to enter a score directly.  That is, the Grade column will not be able to be manually updated.  

The numeric "Grade" text fields will be grayed out and can only be graded by using the Rubric.  

Note that there is also no "All" button available for the Grade column with a Rubric-graded Assignment:

All other aspects of grading an Assignment remain unchanged:  there are still 4 special grades (Absent, Incomplete, Missing and Exempt).

Grading the Rubric

An icon appears next to each student's Grade field. Click the  to bring up the "Grade Rubric" screen (see below).

A different icon, the  warning icon, indicates that the student's rubric is only partially graded and some criteria have not yet been graded:

To grade a student, click on the  icon.  The brings up the "Grade Rubric" screen:

Click directly in a cell of the Rubric to select that cell.  Only one cell can be selected on each row.  

To select all of the cells in a column, click on the underlined "Value" label above the column (E.g. ).

The following shows the Rubric after clicking the "Value: 4" column header:

It is NOT necessary to select an answer in every row of the Rubric:  you can omit grades for any row.  

If you do not grade a row, the student does not get any points for that row (effectively, this is a zero, though it is simply ungraded).

Note that the student's total score on the Rubric appears at bottom right.  

The score for each row is displayed in the right-most column on the screen.

When you have finished grading the student's Rubric, you have two choices:

  • Finish Rubric - This returns you to the outer Grade Assignment screen.  THIS DOES NOT SAVE THE RUBRIC SCORE IN THE DATABASE.  To do that, you MUST click Save on the outer Grade Assignment screen.
  • Next Student - This moves to the next student in the course roster.  It also does not save the rubric score in the database.  When you finally do return to the outer Grade Assignment screen, you must click Save there.

Saving Rubric Grades to the Genesis Database

Once you have returned to the outer Grade Assignment screen, the updated Rubric scores will appear in red font in the Grade column.  

The red font indicates "not yet saved to the database":

Click the "SAVE GRADES" button to store the updated grades to the database.

Viewing Student's Rubric Scores on the Grade Assignment Screen

Students' actual scores on the rubric itself can be viewed via a tooltip display.  If you place your cursor on the "..." next a student's numeric score on the rubric, a tooltip is displayed that scores the scoring.  

If the rubric is not completely graded, red question marks (?) are displayed in lieu of scores for the unscored elements:

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