Grading an Assignment

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The Gradebook>Gradebook>Assignments>Grade Assignment screen allows you to grade your assignments with an overall grade or even grade the skills that have been tied to your assignment. 

Screen Heading

The top of the screen shows you some useful information as well as gives you a convenient way to navigate through your assignments.

Each assignment displays its Category, Unit, Assigned Date, Due Date along with the class average and median for the assignment.

You can also navigate from assignment to assignment by using the Assignment drop down or by using the arrows next to it.

For those of you with screens that have lower resolutions, we provide you with a "Save" button here as well as on the bottom of the screen.

Grading your Students

Overall Assignment Grades

Your screen will look different than the screen shot above if you are not grading your assignment with numeric grades.  

You can also grade your assignments using Checks, Alphas, or custom grade types.

In order to assign a grade, enter or select the grade that the student has achieved and hit Save.  

A cool feature here is that you can enter a grade for the first student, and then hit the "All" link next to the "Grade" column Header.

This means that all of your student's will then get the first grade entered. The same holds true for the "Comments" column.

The "Absent", "Exempt", "Incomplete", and "Missing" columns can all be clicked to update all of your students as well.

This screen contains a couple of interesting features that we will explain below.



Automatic "Comment" Population

You can setup your alpha grades to contain comments that automatically populate the "Comment" column. 

Parent Comments

Your comments are not visible in the Parents Module. If you would like to make a comment for a student's parents, then you should click on the Comment icon to the right of the comment line. This will open up a new text box for you to enter a comment. There are 2 buttons to the right of the box, "Copy" and "Clear". The "Copy" button will copy the comment you made for your gradebook while the "Clear" button will remove any text you have made.

Workgroup Indicators

In the above screen shot, you will see that any student who is not in the "A" group is shaded in a light red. This means that the assignment that you are grading is for the "A" group. Any student who should not receive that grade is clearly shown to not be graded.

Skill Grades

You can also grade skills that have been added to assignments using this screen.  In the screen shot below, you can see that 3 different skills were added to the assignment.  Each skill can be individually graded for the assignment.  

In addition, when each skill grade set is tied to a Grade Scale, the screen will automatically validate the grades you are entering.    


Importing Your Grades from the Genesis Spreadsheet

Genesis allows teachers to import their scores from an Excel file or a CSV.  Two columns are required to bring in your data. 

One column has to be called STUDENTID, and another has to be GRADE. 

The import process will only update students who are actually in the file. 

There are 4 optional fields for the import as well. 


A value of Y in that column will change a students grade while any other value is ignored. 

Any column that is not named one of the aforementioned column names will be ignored by the import.


If you click on the "Create Assignment Import Sheet" button found on the Gradebook>Gradebook>Grade Assignment screen, it will generate an excel for you.

You can then update that excel with grades.

Click on the "Import Grades" button on that same screen.

A pop up will appear where you can choose the file and click "Import Grades."

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