Student Registration Import Process

Modified on Tue, May 9, 2023 at 10:21 AM

Excel spreadsheets by Report 31920, Report 31921 (XML) or hand-populated by ‘sending’ districts can be used to upload student data and register students in Genesis installations. You must receive the spreadsheet from the ‘sending’ district.

Do not open the Excel spreadsheet you receive from a ‘sending’ district: the mere act of opening this file to see what is in it may corrupt the data therein.   Do not open it. If you must see what is in it, copy it first and open the copy.  



Importing Students from an Excel File

  • If you are importing students from an Excel File do the following
    1. Go to: Registration->Imports->Student Import from Excel
    2. As long as the file you received is formatted properly skip to step 3 on this screen
    3. Select and fill out all the required fields for step 3
    4. Select the file for import  and click the ‘Upload File into Genesis’ button
  • More on Step 2 if you did not receive a properly formatted file:
  • Navigate to the Registration>Imports>Student Import from Excel screen
  • Locate Step 1, where the Excel template can be downloaded
  • Click the excel icon to download the spreadsheet. This brings up a file dialog. Save the file.
  • Locate Step 2, where the PDF containing the field descriptions can be downloaded.
  • Click the PDF icon to download the PDF description file. Save this file.
    • Send both files to the ‘sending’ district. They must fill in the Excel template according to the field descriptions in the PDF description file. 
    • All fields of the template must be filled in properly before it can be uploaded into your Genesis system.
  • When a Student Spreadsheet/Excel file is uploaded 
  1. All data in the spreadsheet will be validated. If any errors occur on any students, none of the students it contains will be registered and a report will show you all of the errors.
  2. Once all the data passes validation, then all students will be registered into Genesis. Registration includes a Next Year Assignment and Resident Tracking records.  
    • If any data fails to pass validation, none of the students whose data is in the Excel file will be registered. 
    • You will need to contact the ‘sending’ district, inform them of the errors and request an updated Excel file. 

Import Students from Another Genesis with an XML File

  • If you are importing students from an XML File do the following
    1. Go to: Registration->Imports->Student Import from Another Genesis
    2. Make sure that the requirements of Contacts 2 and Automatic Student ID Generation are both met
    3. Select and fill out all the required options
    4. Select the file for import and click the ‘Upload and Import Students’ button


Student Photo ids (file name) will change automatically along with the student's id when importing.

*Added fields for Next Grade Level, Next Counselor. Import will use these values in place of what is in the import XML you are uploading. Also added field, "Set Student Resident District School Code to 000:". This will set all incoming Resident District School codes to 000.

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