How to Modify a Role

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Quick Guide to Modifying a Role 


Primary security in Genesis revolves around finely controlling access to screens and the functions on those screens.

This control centers upon Roles and Users. Roles grant specific access and specific permissions to users.

Access is provided by a set of “Securable Locations.”

Most Securable Locations control access to a screen or screens within Genesis.

A small number of the Securable Locations provide a mechanism for controlling access to and permissions for a resource on a given screen (e.g. ability to see and potentially update student’s Social Security Number).

Access is provided by Securable Locations: giving a user a Role that contains a specific Securable Location (e.g. studentdata.studentlists) gives the user the ability to see the screens controlled by that Securable Location: it does not confer any permission to do anything on the now visible screens.


How to Update an Existing Role

  1. Go to Setup>Security>Roles.
  2. Locate the Role you wish to update.
    • The naming structure is more or less up to the district. For example, you may have a generic “HS Teacher” role that most of your teachers in the HS will need.  
    • You will need to review your data to locate the role in question. If you are unsure, you can pull up a user's role that you know has access to review the roles tied to that user as a starting point. For example, pull up a user that is a teacher and you can review the roles a teacher has assigned etc.
    • On the Setup>Security>Roles screen, we do have a “Show only roles that contain this screen” search option which will allow you to locate specific roles.
  3. Once you find the role you want to update, click directly on the role name to get to the Modify Role screen.
  4. Now, you should be on the Setup>Security>Roles>Modify Role screen, where the screen says “Locations and Rights Assigned to this Role.”
  5. All of your currently-assigned securable locations are on this screen for you to review.
  6. You can now:
    • Remove a Securable Location 
    • Modify Add/Delete/Change Rights 
    • Add Additional Securable Locations 
    • Add Additional Users to the Role 
    • Remove Users from the Role 
  7. To add a securable location to an existing role, click the "Add Locations" button in the bottom right of the "Modify Role" tab.
  8. A pop up will appear.  This is where you will search for a new securable location to add to this existing role.  For example, if you need to locate a CLUB tab, start by typing in "Club" in the "Start typing to filter locations" box:
  9. When you locate the securable location you want to add, check it off on the left and then click "Add Checked Locations."
  10. After you do that, you've successfully added the checked off securable location(s) to the role you are modifying.  The user may just need to log out and log back in to get the security update before they can access the new tab you just added.
  11. Repeat as necessary.



  1. To REMOVE A SECURABLE LOCATION, check it off on the left, and click the “Unassign checked locations from the above list” button. 
  2. Click “Save” and you’re done.



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