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The Genesis Student Special Ed screens try to emulate the Special Education Process as defined under IDEA. Special Ed data is stored in two sets of tracking records.

  • Referral and evaluation data is stored in Evaluation Tracking records.
  • IEP data is stored in IEP Tracking records.

You MUST create an Evaluation Record and mark the evaluation as Is Eligible for Special Serivices in order to create an IEP record.

IEP tracking records can last one year (or until an IEP if reviewed). At the end of that cycle, you must create a new IEP Record or exit the student from Special Education.

Every time a student is REEVALUATED, a new Evaluation Tracking record is created. This is for historical tracking purposes. All data outside the reevaluation dates will remain the same on the new record.

Together, Evaluation and IEP Tracking records act as historical record that make up the life of students special education career.

Evaluation Records

When you visit a student's Special Ed screen for a newly referred student in Genesis, the first thing you will need to do is create an Evaluation Record.

To do so, go ahead and click on the Create Evaluation Referral Data button on the screen.

You will be presented with all the fields needed to document the student's referral process. The fields are (in chronological order):

  • Referred for Evaluation (NJSMART field 49) - A school professional may ask that a child be evaluated to see if he or she has a disability. Parents may also contact the child's teacher or other school professional to ask that their child be evaluated. This request may be verbal or in writing.
  • Initial Planning Meeting - This field is intended for districts to use as a marker for when an Initial Planning meeting was held.
  • Parental Consent Date (NJSMART field 50)- Parental consent is needed before the child may be evaluated.
     Evaluations (Educational, Speech, etc) - Dates of the evaluations that assess the child in all areas related to the child's suspected disability.
  • Eligibility Determination (NJSMART field 51) - A group of qualified professionals and the parents look at the child's evaluation results. Together, they decide if the child is a "child with a disability," as defined by IDEA. Parents may ask for a hearing to challenge the eligibility decision.
  • Latest Reevaluation Date (NJSMART field 56) - If this is the initial referral for the child, this field will be left blank. It will not be filled in until after this child has been deemed eligible for special services and the initial evaluation period has passed (usually three years).
  • Initial IEP Meeting Date (NJSMART field 52) - The IEP team gathers to talk about the child's needs and write the student's IEP.
  • Parental Consent to Implement Obtained (NJSMART field 73) - The written parental decision regarding the implementation of the Initial IEP.
  • Parental Consent to Implement Date (NJSMART field 72) - The date on which the parent provides written consent to implement the student’s initial IEP.
  • Early Intervention (NJSMART field 71) - Any preschool student that was receiving Part C Early Intervention Services at the time of referral.
  • Process Delay Reason (NJSMART field 57) - Used for children served in Early Intervention Programs (Part C) whose referral and eligibility determination is past their third birthday, AND for students aged 6-21 whose eligibility is determined more than 90 days after parental consent to evaluate is provided.
  • Evaluation Status - As labeled, this is the current status of a child's evaluation process. By default, all Evaluations are set to In Process. Once eligibility is determined, the status should be updated appropriately. Only students with an Evaluation record status of Is Eligible, will be eligible for IEP data to be entered into Genesis.
  • Non-Public Student Services - Set whether or not a Non-Public student is receiving services.
  • Notes - A free form text field to be used for taking notes. Genesis does not use this field for any reporting purposes.

Once you have created an Evaluation Record, you will see a row in the Student's Special Ed Screen representing the data you have entered.

You can continue to edit the evaluation record by clicking on the Modify icon on the right hand side of the row.

As soon as your record's Status is updated to Is Eligible, the Create IEP Data Record will become enabled on the screen. Go ahead and click this button to start entering in your IEP data.

IEP Records

An initial IEP Record will be created in Genesis after the Initial IEP Meeting Date. Additional IEP records will then be created for each subsequent Review of the Child's IEP.

The time frame for each of these IEP records is defined by the IEP Begin and End Dates.

Each IEP Record in Genesis contains the following fields:

  • Special Ed Code - Defines whether student is Eligible for Special Ed and Related Services, or Speech Services only.
  • IEP Begin Date (NJSMART field 54) - This is the date on which the IEP began. Genesis will attempt to populate this field for you upon creation based on Evaluation or prior IEP data records.
  • IEP End Date (NJSMART field 55) - This is the date on which the IEP ends. IEP end date usually falls 365 days from the Begin date. Genesis will default the date to one year minus one day from the Begin Date.
  • Next Annual Review - This is a field in which you may mark the next scheduled annual review.
  • Most Recent IEP Conference (NJSMART field 55) - This is the date of the last IEP meeting date. Initially this will be set the same as NJSMART Field Initial IEP Meeting Date from the evaluation record.
  • Parental Consent Placement - This is a field where you may wish to record the date the child's parents gave consent to the IEP and placement.
  • Referred for Evaluation / Initial Planning Meeting / Initial Parental Consent Date / Eligibility Determination / Latest Reevaluation Date / Next Reevaluation Date / Initial IEP Meeting Date / Parent Consent to Implmt Obtained / Initial Parent Implmt Consent / Early Intervention - These read-only dates belong to the students Evaluation Record. They are displayed here for convenience. They can only be changes by modifying the actual Evaluation record.
  • Spec Ed Exit Reason - A list of reasons why a student has exited Special Ed. You must fill in an exit date if a value is selected.
  • Spec Ed Exit Date - Date student exited from Special Ed.
  • Federal Classification - Federal Classification of the category by which student has been determined eligible for special ed.
  • Federal Placement - Students placement.
  • State Classification (NJSMART field 47) - State Classification of the category by which student has been determined eligible for special ed.
  • State Placement - Students placement.
  • State Tier Code - Students Tier. Genesis will default this value based on the State Classification chosen.
  • Special Ed Team - Field in which a Special Ed Team may be recorded.
  • Out of District - Is student being sent out of district for special ed services?
  • Use on NJ Smart Special Ed - Selecting No will exclude the student from the Special Ed collection IF the Out of District is set to Yes.
  • Attending County, District and School - CDS codes of out-of-district school.
  • Responsible District and School - Fields you may wish to record responsible Genesis school.
  • School Hours/Week - Total number of school hours in the week. Used in Percentage in Gen Ed calculation.
  • Spec Ed Hours/Week - Number of school hours spent in Spec Ed per week. Used in Percentage in Gen Ed calculation.
  • General Ed Hours/Week (NJSMART Field 109) - Number of school hours spent in General Ed per week. Used for TimeInRegularProgram in NJSMART.
  • Percentage in Gen Ed - Calculated percentage of time spent in General Ed.
  • Notes - A free form text field to be used for taking notes. Genesis does not use this field for any reporting purposes.


In a "standard" scenario, a district will create an initial evaluation record for a student followed by three IEP data records. One IEP for each year.

In the standard scenario, after three IEP's (or three years), a Reevaluation will take place.

To record that a reevaluation has taken place, you will want to click on the Enter Reevaluation Data button on the student's special ed screen.

The only data you need to enter when recording a reevaluation, is the Latest Reevaluation Date and the Next Reevaluation Date. All other fields should remain the same.

Spec Ed Faq

Question 1: I need to create a new referral record for a student who already has an existing referral record. How do I do this?

A: What you need to do is to edit the existing evaluation record and choose Student is being re-referred. Close this existing record from the Evaluation Status drop down then hit Save. This closes your existing tracking record. Genesis will now display the Create Evaluation Referral Data button allowing to create a NEW referral record.

Question 2: How do I declassify a Special Ed student?

A: In order to declassify, you must edit the students current IEP tracking record and fill in a Spec Ed Exit Reason and Spec Ed Exit Date. After saving the record you should notice the IEP is now highlighted in red. Next, you can go ahead and set the "Special Ed" flag to NO from either the SpecEd tab or Demographics tab. There is no need to alter the evaluation record in any way.

Question 3: SpecialEducationClassification is blank in NJSmart SID Management with an error of "Student is in a program type code between 18 and 33. Check to make sure IEP is active as of collection date or the validity of the PTC"

The most common cause for this is that the students Evaluation/Referral record shows the student as "In Process". When a student is "In Process", they have not yet received an eligibility determination and therefor no Classification is sent to NJSmart. This will occur even if the student has an IEP as the student may be in the process of being re-referred.

Overview Continued

When looking at the students special ed screen, you will see a list of all Evaluation records and IEP records. They are list from top to bottom in descending order with the most recent/current data on top. If you wish to only see the current data, uncheck the "Show Historic Evaluation and IEP data records" box.

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