Scratch Pad

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The Gradebook>Gradebook>Student>Scratch Pad screen is a sandbox where you can play with scenarios for students grades.

Nothing done on this screen will alter a student's grade.

It simply allows you to present "What If" scenarios to the grading calculations to see what it will take for a student to could achieve higher grades.

Important Notes

  • If you are dropping grades for a category, these calculations can not predict which future assignment grade will be dropped. Keep in mind that this calculation will not reflect a grade that is dropped at a later date.
  • Do not use these calculations as fact. There are many factors in setup that will increase or decrease the calculation's error margin.

How to Use the "Scratch Pad"!

The table that you see on this screen is the Categories that have been defined in your courses Profile.

Each one is displayed with the Grading information put into the Gradebook so far.

Let's take a look at some of the columns that you are seeing.




This is the description of the category.


This column has two sub categories:

  • Graded - The number of Grade Assignments for the Category.
  • Sum - The sum of all the assignment percentages.


This is the weight that you defined for this category in the marking period. If you are not using Category Weighting, this will be displayed as "NA" (See Categories for more info).

Drop Worst

This is the number of assignments that you have defined to be dropped for the marking period (See Categories for more info).

Current Totals

This is also broken down into two columns: Earned Points and Attempted Points

Current Average

This is the current average of the category.

Remaining Points

This is the number of assignments and the total number of points that a student can achieve for the remainder of the marking period.

Points Possibly Achieved

This column has a text box in it. All you have to do is fill in the number of points that you want to see the student achieve and then the Gradebook will calculate the Category Average and the Final Average based on your entry. The average that is calculated next to the text box is the percentage that the student would have to achieve on each of the assignments.

Possible Average

This is the average that a student can possibly achieve by using the number you filled in from the previous column.


The columns that are shaded in light red are being used in the calculation.

The Screen with Total Points - Assignment Counting set to Yes

The Screen with Total Points - Assignment Counting set to No

The Screen with Category Weighting

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