Summer Withdrawals and Transfers in NJ

Modified on Mon, Apr 24, 2023 at 11:57 AM

In NJ, for Registration purposes, a student is not allowed to leave the school where they were registered on the last day of class for the old school year before the start of the new school year.  

All students, except those graduating out of the school, who are registered in the school on the last day of class at the end of one school year, must appear registered in the same school at the start of the new school year.

They must then be given attendance codes of "Did not Report" on the Attendance Record for the old school for 10 days before being officially withdrawn and dropped from rolls.

In actual practice, of course, many students transfer during the summer, either between schools within the same district, or between districts.  

Genesis handles this with the "Summer Withdrawal" option on the Withdraw From District screen, and the "Summer Transfer" option on the Transfer in District screen:

When this "Summer Withdrawal" checkbox is checked, it means that the student is leaving "outside the range of the current school year", that is, after the last day of class of the old school year and before the first day of class of the new school year.  

Genesis will then handle the "Did Not Report" Attendance issues in the new school year before coding the student as Withdrawn in the old school, and marking them as INACT for the new school year in that school.  

If the student has transferred in District, they will be recorded normally in their new school as a matter of course.

Do NOT check "Summer Withdrawal" or "Summer Transfer" for any student leaving before the end of the old school year, or any other time during a school year. 

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