Attendance Records, Registration, and the State of NJ

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In NJ, all Registration changes are reflected in a student's Attendance Records, and in the daily Attendance Codes placed in those records.

Attendance Records are tied to:

  • School
  • Program Type
  • Grade Level

To change any of those items for a student, a formal "Registration Action" must be done and a new Attendance Record must be generated.


Attendance Records in Genesis

There are two tables which track "NJ State Registration and Attendance" for students:

  • AttendanceRecord2 - This is the student's formal registration record and contains the three items listed above (School, Program Type, Grade Level), as well as much other required information.  See details below.  There is one AttendanceRecord2 record for each "School/ProgramType/Grade Level" triplet for a student.  When a student is transfered, a new AttendanceRecord2 must be created for them.  The old record is 'ended' and a new one begun.  One AttendanceRecord2 record is active for a student at a time.
  • AttendanceDaily2 - A single "AttendanceDaily2" record records the student's official NJ State attendance code for a single day.   Each student has one AttendanceDaily2 record for each day of the school year.  When a student is transfered, and a new AttendanceRecord2 record is generated for them, an entire new set of AttendanceDaily2 records is generated:  one for each day of the school year, linked to the new AttendanceDaily2 record (i.e. new Registration status).  That is, each AttendanceDaily2 record is tied to a specific School, Program Type, and Grade Level.

Registration Actions and Attendance Records

Each Registration action (new Student, Transfer in District, Withdraw from District) has an effect on the student's Attendance records in both the AttendanceRecord2 table and the AttendanceDaily2 table:

  • New Student:  New AttendanceRecord2 record is created, a entire set of AttendanceDaily2 records for the school year are created for the student.
  • Transfer In District:  A new AttendanceRecord2 record is created, the old AttendanceRecord2 record is closed out, a new set of AttendanceDaily2 records is created corresponding to the student's new status.  Both the old and the new sets of AttendanceDaily2 records are updated to indicate which days in the set the student is 'off roll' with respect to the combination of School, Program Type, and Grade Level covered by the set.
  • Withdrawal from District:  The old AttendanceRecord2 record is closed out.  The set of AttendanceDaily2 records are updated to indicate that the student is now 'off roll' from the first day of the withdrawal through the end of the school year.
  • Pre-Registered students are not now attending in district schools and thus have no Attendance Records of any kind for the current school year:  no updates are necessary.




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