Configuring Immunizations

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The list of Immunizations that appears on Student's Immunizations screen (Student Data > Student > Medical > Immunizations) can be configured on the Nurses > Setup > Codes > Vaccines screen.

This screen is pre-configured by Genesis with all Immunizations that appear on the A45, as well as several which do not:

However, you can edit the screen and do the following:

  • Add new "Immunizations" (or any other item for which you need to capture multiple dates)
  • Remove existing Immunizations or change their label.
  • Alter which Immunizations print on the A45.

How are "Immunizations" Configured to Print on the A45?

On the Nurses->Setup->Codes->Vaccines screen, there is a "Type" column.  

The "types" available in the drop down are actually the Vaccine/Immunization fields on the A45:

When you select a "Type" for an Immunization, you are specifying where that Immunization will print on the A45 form - you are tying it to a specific field.  

If the Type field is left blank, data entered for that Immunization will not print on the A45.   As shown in the screen shot above, Genesis preconfigures which "built-in" Vaccine/Immunization codes print in which fields on the A45.

Adding Immunizations

You can add new Immunizations at will.  These will be listed on the student's Immunizations screen, but will only print on the A45 if you set a "Type" for them (and make sure to deselect that Type from other Immunizations).

To add an Immunization to the list, locate the "Add Vaccine Name" field at the bottom of the list:

Enter a name and then click the "Save Screen" button.  This will add the new Immunization to the bottom of the list.

Re-Ordering Immunizations on the Student Immunizations Screen

The "Seq" field controls the order in which the Immunizations display on the student's Immunizations screen (Student Data->Student->Medical->Immunizations).

To change the order of Immunizations you can:

  • Directly change the values in the "Seq" field.  The list is always sorted in numerical order based on this field.
  • Click the  button.  This puts the list in alphabetical order and changes the sequence numbers accordingly.

There is no limit on how many "Immunizations" you can have and no restraint on how they can be ordered:

To manually change the sequence numbers, simply type new numbers into the "Seq" field, then click the "Save Screen" button at the bottom.

Deleting Immunizations

You can only remove an Immunization category if there are no records for it.  

When the number of records for an Immunization is zero (0), the delete trashcan icon appears for it:

Click the delete trashcan icon for an Immunization to remove it.  There is no UNDO.

Determining which Immunizations are Displayed on the Student Immunizations Screen

The "Display on Student Screen" column determines which Immunizations currently appear on the student's Immunizations screen (Student Data->Student->Medical->Immunizations).

If the checkbox is checked, the Immunization will appear on the students' screen.  

If it is not checked, the Immunization will not appear.  

No data will be removed by unchecking the checkbox, the information will simply not be displayed.  

This is helpful if there is an old Immunization that you no longer wish to do display, but which cannot be removed because it contains data.

Getting a List of Students who have had the Immunization

The numbers in the the "Number of Records" column represent students who have records for that Immunization.  

To get a list of these students, simply click the number (e.g. 18).  Each is a link which creates a dynamic Student List for students with that type of Immunization record.

When you click the highlighted number, a popup is displayed asking if you wish to create a list for that Immunization:

If you click the OK button, the list is created and a confirmation dialog is shown:

Note that the code for the Immunization is used as the name of the list, not the description.

You can find the new dynamic Student List in all Student List drop downs.

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