Lesson Planner Curriculum Mapping

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Lesson Planner Curriculum Mapping allows you to administratively create and share lesson books, units, and plans for courses in a school.


Creating Mapping Lesson Books

Select the course code you would like to create a lesson book for and then click the 'Create New Lesson Book for Course' button. Your login will now be the owner of a curriculum mapped lesson book for the selected course.

  • If you had lesson books for this course in the previous school year you can optionally use the 'Copy Plans from' button to bring them to the current school year

Creating Mapping Units

Each new lesson book begins with Unit 1. If you would like to create a new unit for the selected book and course click the 'Create New Unit in Book' button

  • Breaking these lessons up into units is important, as users will be able to pull lesson plans in from curriculum mapped lesson books by Unit
  • There is no limit to the number of units that you can have


You can rename and edit the contents of the Unit by clicking on the 'Unit Name'

Creating Mapping Lesson Plans

To create a new lesson plan click the 'Create Lesson in this Unit' button within the Unit you would like to create the lesson in.


You can rename and edit the contents of the Lesson Plan by clicking on the 'Lesson Plan Name'

Pulling Mapped Lesson Plans into a Lesson Book

A lesson planner user can pull mapped lessons, by unit, into their own lesson books via: Lesson Planner->Lesson Books->Unit Plans


If there are mapped lesson plans available for the selected lesson book a green message will be towards the top of the screen.

Click the 'View Units' button and a pop up box will appear that will allow you to pick and choose what Unit worth of lessons you can copy into the current lesson book


In order for this to work, the user's lesson books must be tied to the same course code as the mapped lesson plans

Users can view/edit the course that is tied to their lesson books via: Lesson Planner->Lesson Books->Modify Book

  • Lesson Books that have been auto created will already be tied to a course

Mapping Tools

You can copy all the mapped lesson plans you had from the previous school year to the current school year, for the current school, by using the copy tool


You can copy mapped lesson plans from one school to other schools by checking off the school(s) you want to copy to and clicking the copy tool

Be aware that this tool will:

  • Only copy lesson plans to course codes that exist in the selected schools. Meaning that nothing will be copied for course codes that do not exist in a school
  • Overwrite the mapped lesson books in the school you are copying to with the mapped lesson books in the school you are copying from

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