Advanced Student Search

Modified on Fri, Jan 12 at 1:14 PM

A new fully customizable search screen that allows the district and users to create a search form using only fields that they want to see (including User Text fields)

For a look at a previously recorded tour of the new Advanced Search Screen click here

New Features include:

  • All drop downs are now a multi-select. Clicking it will bring up a list of checkboxes you can select. When searching it will return students that match any of the selected values. So for the below multi-select if LANG and MATH were checked off, any student that had a Basic Skill Program of Math OR Lang will be displayed.

  • Date fields will all appear as ranges.  Filling out the "From or On" box will return students meeting the date criteria only on that day.  Filling out both "From or On" and "Through" will return students who meet the date criteria within that range.
  • The number of searchable fields has been greatly increased from the basic search.  This includes all User Text fields in the system and the new "Student Search" field which works as an independent "google-like" search where you can type in the name (first or last) or id of a student and filtered results will start appearing immediately for your selection. 
  • Add / Remove fields - Hit add/remove and users will be able to customize which fields to display in their search template.
  • OPTIONS button 
    • Edit Template - Change the name or sequence of your search template.  You may also reorder the fields in your template or alter the number of columns.
    • Save Search Values - The new search form has the ability to save search defaults for each template by clicking 'Save Search Values'. The next time you go to the template it will auto populate with your saved values. Clicking 'Reset to Defaults' will reset your current search values to what you have saved as well. Unfortunately, you are not able to save defaults for any of the three primary fields; Last Name, Schools or Status. 
    • New Template - Create a new template with the option of copying fields over from an existing Template
    • Delete Template - Delete user created templates. Templates pushed by district are not deletable.
    • Hide Template - Hide or un-hide search templates.


Setup and Security

Setup Options

To enable Advanced Search, you must click off the " Enable Advanced Search Screen for Users" button from Student Data>Student List>Search Template Options>Setup Options.  Once clicked, ALL users will now see an "Advanced Search" link on the Student Search tab which will bring up the Advanced Search templates. 

Once clicked, users will then default to whichever search view they were in last.  So if you ended your last Genesis session in Advanced Search, that is where you will begin next time you go to Student Search. 

Set Search Field Roles

You may set security on all possible Search Fields available in the Advanced Search screen.  To do so, navigate to the Student Data >Student List >Search Template Options>Set Search Field Roles.

This screen will display all available Search Fields.  

There are two varieties of fields. Standard fields - which by default are available to all users.

And Sensitive fields (highlighted in red) - which by default cannot be seen by any users.

Both field types allow you to set Role security on them.  

When a Role is set on a Search Field, only users who belong to at least one of the selected Roles will be able to view that search field.

This includes fields that are a part of a published Search Template.

If a user is pushed a Search Template with a field they do not have permission to see, it will not display for them.


Search Templates

  • Search Templates allow a district to push out pre-configured  search templates to groups of Users. 
  • Templates may be published or unpublished.  
  • Published Templates will be pushed to users when a user visits the Advanced Search screen.  Unpublished Templates will be in an editable state where an administrator can add/remove fields, set the number of columns, etc. 
  • A Role can be set to Templates to limit which users are allowed to see a published template. If no Role is selected, all users will have access to the published template.
  • If a user visits the Advanced Search screen and has no published templates, they will be given a basic search screen with a handful of search options.
  • Once pushed to a user, they can edit their own template to add/remove or change fields. If you wish to revert these you can unpublish and republish the search templates to all users.


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