Student Gradebook Summary Screen

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The "Student Gradebook Summary Screen", simply Student Data>Modify Student>Gradebook, provides an administrative overview of the student's up-to-the-minute performance across all their courses:

Left Side Gradebook Summary Area

Along the left side of the screen there is a list of all of the Gradebooks which currently exist for the student, and their current Marking Period grade (for Marking Periods that were already reported), or Marking Period Average (for Marking Periods in which grading is ongoing).  

There is optionally also a "Projected Final Grade" in each course:

If the student is in a course for which there is currently no Gradebook, that course will not be listed here.  

This is only to reflect performance as recorded in a Gradebook.

Central Screen Assignment Search & Display Area

The central area of the screen provides a search function for Assignments:

Search Criteria

The search criteria include:

  • Course Search through all of Student's Gradebooks, or select a specific Gradebook.
  • Status - Specifies which kind of Assignments to look for:
    "Missing", "Incomplete" and "Assignments missed due to absence" are actually special grades - An Assignment can be graded as "Missing", or "Incomplete", or "(missed because the student was) Absent".  Selecting one of those will look for Assignments with the corresponding special grade.
  • Assignments Due Date - A specific date field.  This is used to determine which Assignments to search for depending on the setting in the "Show Assignment Dates" parameter.
  • Show Assignment Dates - This parameter controls the overall search and determines if the "Assignment Due Date" field is used in locating Assignments to display.  It's options include:

If the "Show Assignment Dates" drop down indicates "Day of", "Week of", or "Month of", the Assignment Due Date field is used to determine: 

  • Which specific day to search for - or
  • Which week (containing the selected day) to search for - or
  • Which month (containing the selected date) to search for.

Assignment Display

The list of Assignments shows the following:

  • Marking Period in which the Assignment is due.
  • Due date - This shows the day of the week and date.
  • Course Description & Teacher
  • Category - The Assignment's selected Category in its Gradebook (not all gradebooks will use the same set of Categories).
  • Assignment name & Description
  • The student's score on the Assignment and the Class Average for it
  • Previous Grade - The "Pr" column will list the previous special grade, if the Assignment had one.  The "special grades" that would display here include: 
    • Absent - Student was absent or missed the Assignment/Missed turning in the Assignment because they were Absent.
    • Missing - Assignment is missing (i.e. not turned in).
    • Incomplete - Assignment is/was incomplete.
    • Exempt - Student is exempt from this Assignment and it should count against them.
  • The Docs column indicates if there were any documents attached to this Assignment.
  • The PM column indicates if the Assignment is visible in the Parents/Student WebAccess module.   If there is a pushpin, this shows that Comments were shared with the student's parents.



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