Nurse Module and Turnstile Setup

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Nurse Module and Turnstile

Turnstile is the general "check-in/check-out" facility in Genesis. It can track the location of students and staff who are not in their scheduled locations.

When Turnstile is linked to the Nurse module, when a student checks in to a visit using the Student Check-In screen (Nurses>Visits>Student Check-In), the student's whereabouts (i.e. their presence in the nurses office) is 'published':

  • Students' current Turnstile information is displayed in the Gradebook so that teachers know where students are if they are not in class.
  • Students' current Turnstile information is displayed in the Student Information Bar on all student record screens.
  • Students appear on the "Turnstile Live" screen as being checked into the Nurse's office.  Turnstile Live is the status screen showing the whereabouts of students and staff members who are currently checked into Turnstile Events.

Configuring Turnstile / Nurse Module Linkage

To link the Nurses module to Turnstile, one thing needs to happen:

  • Each nurse's login id has to be linked with a "Nurse" Turnstile Event.

This can be done either on the Turnstile>Setup screen by a system administrator, or by the Nurse herself on the Nurses>Setup>User Preferences screen.

Checking In Using Turnstile

Checking In using Turnstile is no different from any other Nurse student check-in:  it happens automatically as long as the Nurses>Visits>Student Check-In screen is used.

When a student checks in using the Student Check-In screen, two things happen:

  • A Nurse Visit is created for the student
  • A Turnstile Event record is generated for the student logging that the student has entered the nurses office.

Checking Out of the Nurses Office for Turnstile

When Turnstile is not used, it is not necessary for students to check out of the Nurses office.  However, when using Turnstile, students must be checked out of Turnstile or they continue to appear, on the Turnstile status screens, as if they were still in the Nurses office, long after they have left.


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