Editing the List of Medical Conditions

Modified on Tue, May 2, 2023 at 9:20 AM

Editing the List of Medical Conditions

The list of Medical Conditions that appears on student's Student Data>Student>Medical>Health Record screen is completely configurable by you.

Configuring the set of available conditions can be done on the Nurses>Setup>Codes>Conditions screen:

You can add, delete, and update the list of Conditions.

For each Condition, you can specify the following:

  • Whether the Condition causes the red cross medical icon to display on the Student's Student Information Bar when it is selected.
  • Whether the Condition can appear on Forms in the Parent module.
  • Whether Parents can remove (i.e. turn off) the Condition via a Parent Module Form (if that opportunity is given to the parents).

Adding a Medical Condition

Scroll to the bottom of the Nurses>Setup>Codes>Conditions screen and locate the "Add Condition" text field:

Enter the name of the Condition you wish to add, and click the "Save Screen" button.   This will add the new Condition to the list and place it at the very bottom of the list.

You can now:

  • Optionally check the checkbox to "Display Icon" - if this checkbox is checked, the red cross icon will appear for any student who has this Condition checked.
  • Optionally check the checkbox to be able to place this Condition on Forms in the Parent module.  You will always get to choose whether to include Medical Conditions on Parent Module Forms and which to include.
  • Optionally check the checkbox to enable parents to remove this Condition from a Parent Form (if they are given the opportunity to do so).

Once you have made any of these changes, click the Save Screen button.

Deleting a Medical Condition

A Condition can only be permanently deleted if it is not assigned to any students.  

Only when the "Number of Records" (of students with this Condition) is zero, will a delete trash can appear for a Condition, enabling you to remove the Condition:

To remove a Condition, when the delete trashcan icon appears, simply click it.

To get a list of students who have a Condition checked, clicked on the highlighted, underlined blue number in the "Number of Records" column.  

This brings up the list of students with the selected Condition on the Nurses>Student List>Search Students screen:

You can edit this list of students to remove the Condition - and then you can delete the Condition itself. 


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