Elementary School Rosters

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Elementary School Rosters


Elementary schools must submit schedules for all students. In addition, final grades must be submitted for students in grades 6 and above. Before continuing, use the tools below to determine which modules you use to grade each grade level in your school and whether or not you are currently using the Genesis Gradebook for each grade level. This will help you determine how much set up must be done to meet the requirements of the NJ SMART Course Submission.

Step 1: Determine how you give Report Card grades to students in each grade level in your school:

  •  Do you use Genesis Grading module (secondary school grading) for any of your grades? It’s rather common to use secondary school Grading module for at least grades 4 and 5 and all grades above that. But it is not universal: you must determine which grade levels use the Grading module.
  •  Do you use the Elementary Grading module for your lower grades? The Genesis “Elem Grading” module is our skill-based grading module. Many schools use this for at least grades 3 and below.
  •  Are there any grades that you grade ‘by hand’ without any Genesis grading support?

The chart below can be used to determine how you grade your non-HS grade levels and whether or not you have a schedule for each grade level. This form is filled with sample data. A blank form is available as an appendix.

Step 2: Determine whether you use the Genesis Gradebook for any grade levels in your school.

  • You must already have a school schedule to use the Genesis Gradebook. Knowing whether or not it is being used tells you whether or not you already have a schedule in place. Note that if even one elementary grade level is using the Genesis Gradebook, you will most likely have a schedule for all grade levels in your school. This might not necessarily be true if your school has some grade levels that grade using the Grading module and other grade levels that grade using Elementary Grading.

The Bottom Line: You must have a schedule for at least your Elementary Specials subjects (Art, Music, PE, …) and any Basic Skills classes that you must report. The next sections of this document will guide you in creating this schedule if you do not have one. If you already have a schedule, these sections will also guide you in adding the NCES information that is required for the NJ SMART Course Submission.

The information you collected in Steps 1 & 2 on this page will help you navigate the next sections.

Our School has no master class schedule

This section represents your school if on the Scheduling->Sections screen nothing is returned when you click the search button.

This section is for Elementary schools that do not have a master class schedule. If teachers in the school are using the integrated Genesis Gradebook; then skip to the next section.

Create Courses and Sections for the specials

You will need to create a master class schedule for your specials (Art, Music etc…) You do not need to create any sections for students to map them to their regular teacher. Genesis will automatically create a course code for homeroom (“regular”) teachers and their students in the export file. See the PK THROUGH 5 REGULAR TEACHER ROSTERS section below for details on how this process is done.

Step 1: Create Periods

Go to Scheduling->Setup->Periods, and create the print periods.

Step 2: Configure basic scheduling parameters

Go to Setup->Schools and click on the P icon for the school. Next, click on the Sched. Cycle tab and fill in at least the first two parameters on the screen (Days in Schedule Cycle and Schedule Cycle Naming Scheme)

Step 3: Add courses

Go to the Scheduling->Curriculum->Add Course tab and add the special courses (Art, Music, PE etc…). You only need to specify the description to get started. Do not map the NCES course code on this screen for these elementary Specials courses.

Step 4: Create Student Lists for each roster
For each teacher that you need to create a roster for:

1. Go to Student Data

2. Create a student list for that teacher’s roster(s).

3. If the teacher teaches all of the students in the school (You only have 1 Art teacher), it is easiest then to create a dynamic list for each grade level and use that when creating the sections.

Step 5: Create section for each course

1. Using the Scheduling->Sections tab (be sure to check Show courses with no sections) search for the desired course you want to build sections for.

2. Click the + icon to create a section; and then click on the section number to modify it.

3. Create a subsection for the course; you must specify a room, teacher, period and scheduling cycle.

4. Map an appropriate NCES Course Code on the section. For example: Music Grade 2 is 55132.

Step 6: Schedule students into the course

Using the Scheduling->Mass Updates->Mass Add screen, assign your list of students to the course section that you created above.

Our school has a master class schedule

If you already have a schedule, use this section. To find out if you have a schedule, go to the Scheduling->Sections screen. Click the “Search” button: if lots of data is returned when you click the search button, you already have a schedule. If there are no sections, you do not have a section.

This section is for Elementary schools that already a master class schedule. If teachers in the school are using the integrated Genesis Gradebook; then this section is for you.

Map existing Course Sections to NCES Course Codes

Using the Scheduling>Sections screen, go into each section of each course and map it to the appropriate NCES Course Code. Note that you are doing this by Section, not by Course description.

PK through 5 regular teacher rosters

Optionally, you do not need to map your regular course sections to each student in grades PK through 5. You can optionally have Genesis automatically export a course code based on the students in each teacher’s homeroom grade level during the NJSmart Course Submission data collection process. This means you will only have to map the course sections for your specials.

Automatic NCES Course Creation by Genesis

If schedules do not exist for any specific teacher who has a homeroom with students from grade PK through 6 (or you used the option to force this feature for regular teachers), Genesis will automatically export a course with the proper NCES SCED code for each set of those students.

For example, if Mrs. Jones has students that are in Grade 2 and a few that are in Grade 1, Genesis will automatically create 2 courses in the Course Submission Files for each set of those students. These courses are not created in Genesis: they exist only in the NJSMART Course Submission files.

The NCES Course Codes that are selected for each grade level are:

Special Classes are not automatically created using this method. If you need to report teachers of specials (Art, Music etc.) then you will need to create a master for this school and map the courses appropriately. This procedure to do this is covered later in this document.

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