List Books

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List Books


This screen gives you a great overview of your lesson books in the currently selected school. There are some control options for your lesson books that exist here and the Lesson Book Preferences screen


Lesson Book Calendar Display Settings

These settings will affect the way your lesson books display through out the lesson planner; these options will mainly effect the Lesson Planner Calendar screen

Lesson Book Name

You can freely set the name of your lesson book to what you want here. Type in the box and click the 'Save Books' button at the bottom of the screen.

The default name that is here comes from the schedule course description. Renaming the lesson book has no effect on the name of the course description outside of your lesson planner.

Lesson Book Color

You can optionally set a color to your lesson book. This sets the background color of the course block on the lesson planner calendar


Display Check Box

Using the Display Check Box you can choose to show or hide lesson books on the calendar screen

  • Lesson books that have been auto-generated for you will be defaulted to show up on the calendar
  • Lesson books that are NOT tied to a course will not show up on the calendar by only checking this Display check box.  
    • You must also go to: Lesson Planner->Setup->Preferences and set the option 'Display books that are not attached to a course on the Calendar screen?' to 'Yes'

Sequence Number

The sequence number controls the sort order of your lesson books. They work in ascending order, ie: lowest number on top, highest number at the bottom.

  • You can optionally choose to sort your lesson books by period instead of sequence number by changing the 'Order lesson books by?' option on: Lesson Planner->Setup->Preferences

Subject for Standards

This drop down lets you set the default Subject for a lesson book when searching for standards.


Lesson Book Parameters - Clicking on the 'Modify Icon' will open up the Lesson Book Parameters screen

Trashcan - Clicking the 'Trashcan Icon' will delete/remove the Lesson Book

  • You can only delete/remove a Lesson Book if there are no Lesson Plans within the book
  • You can optionally use the check boxes and trash can to the left of the books to delete multiple books at once

Create a Lesson Book - Clicking the 'Create a Lesson Book' button will create a new lesson book

  • This lesson book will begin with no settings and will not be tied to any of your courses

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