Lesson Planner Preferences

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Lesson Planner Preferences

Most preferences are display choices - choices about how you want your Calendar screen to work. 


How many courses would you like to display on your calendar

The Calendar screen can show from 1 to 15 Lesson Books at a time.

The top left corner of the Calendar on the Calendar screen contains "Next" and "Prev" buttons as needed:

  • Changing the preference does not affect the contents of any Lesson Book - only how many appear at once.

Display lesson books, that are not attached to a course, on the Calendar screen

By default, Lesson Books that you create manually are not visible on the Calendar.

You must update this parameter to Yes to allow manually created Lesson Books to appear on the Calendar.

This is a usability aid that alters the font size of the text displayed for Lesson and Unit Plans.  

There are four sizes available: Default, Large, Larger and Largest.

Update this parameter until you find a font size that works for you.  

There is no substitute for playing around and finding the most comfortable size.

Order lesson books by

Lesson Books can be ordered either by the period in which the class meets or by a set of sequence numbers that you choose.

For secondary schools (middle / high school) which have well developed schedules stored in Genesis, periods may make the most sense.

The default ordering of Lesson Books (if you do not change this parameter) is by Period.

In Elementary Schools which tend not to have well developed schedules with proper periods, the "Sequence" number option is likely to be better.

To enable ordering of Lesson Books by their Sequence numbers you must:

  1. Set the "Order lesson books by" parameter to Sequence:  
  2. Go to the Lesson Planner->Lesson Books->List Books screen and give every Lesson Book a Sequence Number.
  3. Assign the sequence numbers according to how you wish the Lesson Books to be ordered

Fit row height to screen size

This essentially takes away the need to scroll your screen.  When set to Yes, the rows (i.e. Lesson Books) are fit to the screen and there is no need to scroll.  

When this is set to No, the rows are not fit and your may need to scroll.

Default new Lesson Plans to Sharable

This parameter controls if the "Sharable" flag is initially set to "Yes" or "No" when a new lesson plan is created 

The 'Sharable' flag controls if the lesson is view-able by your Lesson Pals

Every Lesson Plan contains a "Sharable" flag at the very top of the Modify Lesson Plan screen

  • When this flag is set to "Yes", your Lesson Pals will be able to see the Plan.  
  • When this flag is set to "No", your Lesson Pals cannot see the Plan.  
    • The parameter affects only new Lesson Plans - no existing Lesson Plan is changed when the parameter is

Linking Lesson Plans

There is a "Link Lesson Books" button found via Lesson Planner>Lesson Books when you edit a specific lesson book.

If you click it, this pop up will appear that will allow you to check off another lesson book to link. Click "Update Linked Books" when finished.

Click here to navigate back to the Lesson Pals article on how you can send/receive lesson pal requests with other users.

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