Configuring Student List WebDesk Panels

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Configuring a Student List Panel

Student List WebDesk panels can be configured to have a color-coded header or banner line, a custom header label and optional columns or pieces of information.

Each panel is configured individually, so that you can display a wide variety of color-coded panels.

You can configure a panel directly from the WebDesk dashboard screen.  

There is a  icon associated with each panel - click the icon to bring up the "configure panel" dialog. 

There is an extensive amount of information that can be optionally delayed on the Student List panels:

  • Athletic Status
  • Current Location - The current location includes the room, class and teacher, if that information is available, and the color-coded "Event" if a student is currently checked into a color-coded Turnstile Event, such as "Nurse Visit" or "Guidance".
  • Homeroom - Select by default.  Displays the student's homeroom
  • Resource Teacher - Displays student's resource teacher, if there is one.
  • Today's Discipline - Show a student's discipline actions that are scheduled for today
  • Case Manager - Displays student's case manager, if one is assigned
  • Current School
  • Lunch Balance
  • Special Ed - Indicates if student has an IEP or not.  Turns the background red rather than creating a new column.
  • Turnstile
  • Vice Principal - Displays the student's Vice Principal, if one is assigned.
  • Contact Info
  • Fines Owed
  • Lunch Code
  • Sports Participation - Sports participation based on Athletics->Setup->Sports Participation Setup screen and students Sports Eligibility screen
  • Year-to-Date Attendance - A summary of daily absences and tardies year-to-date
  • Counselor
  • Grade Level
  • Medical Icon
  • Today's Attendance  - Today's color coded attendance code
  • User Text Fields - Up to three User Text fields can be displayed at a time.

To configure a panel, click the edit icon next to it.   

This brings up a panel configuration popup.  Using the controls on the configuration popup, you can do the following:

  1. Customize the student list's display name (the name shown in the WebDesk panel's header bar).
  2. Select a background color for the panel's header bar
  3. Select a color for the font used on the panel's header
  4. Add any additional columns you would like.

By default, only the Grade Level and Homeroom columns are displayed.

Controlling a Data Peep Panel

On a built-in Data Peep panel, only the name displayed on the panel's banner and the banner color can be controlled:

Controlling Colors

Every panel displayed on your WebDesk has a banner. Here is the default:

You can change the color of both the background and the font:

Background and font color controls are accessible from the "Configure Data Peep" and "Configure Student List" panels:

You can either directly type in the color code - if you have one you like - or use the 'color selector' control to pick a color.

To active the color selector control for either the "Back color" or the "Font Color", click in the color patch.

From here you can change the basic hue or the brightness of the color to find a color you like:

The color in the patch () changes to indicate the current color:

Finally, click



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