Configuring Student Watch List Panels

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Configuring Student Watch List Panels

There are various builtin "Data Peeps" or panels for Student Watch lists.

There is a separate type of Student Watch list for each of the following categories of user:

  • Teacher
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Case Manager
  • Principal
  • Vice Principal

There are also "general" Student Watch List panels which are designed to 'watch' a specific Student List of students.  

Part of the configuration of the Student Watch list is to select the Student List to pair with the panel.

Adding Student Watch List Panels to the WebDesk

Student Watch Lists for Specific Types of Users

There are student watch list panels for specific types of users.  These panels look for students associated with the user based upon the "type" of the pane:

Teacher watch lists look for students who are in one of the teacher's classes.

Counselor (Guidance Counselor) watch lists look for students who are associated with the user based on their "counselor staff member" linkages.

Case Manager watch lists look for students who are associated with the user via their 'case manager' staff member linkages.

Vice Principal watch lists look for students associated with the user as their Vice Principal.

Principal watch lists look for all students who are in the school of which they are principal.

General Student Watch Lists - Based on Student Lists

A "general" Student Watch List is not tied to a particular type of user and does not look for students based on the user's staff member type(s).  

A general Student Watch List is tied to a selected, specific list of students and only looks at students on the selected list.

A user can have up to five (5) separate "General Student Watch List" panels to their WebDesk, each "watching" a different group of students.

A General Student Watch List panel must be "watching" a Student List to which the user has access.  

This is important when WebDesks are administratively setup for other users ("not myself").

What Do Student Watch Lists Display?

All the Student Watch Lists currently show the same information:

  • Student Name
  • Course Section and Description
  • Teacher Name
  • Marking Period Average for the selected Marking Period (see below on Configuring Student Watch LIsts).
  • Student's Projected Final Grade in the course.

Configuring Student Watch Lists

All Student Watch Lists must identify two things:

  • Marking Period to "watch"
  • The grade cutoff for the list.   Lists will show only students whose average for the Marking Period, in their Gradebooks, falls below the specified grade average:

Student Watch Lists for Principals, Vice Principals, Counselors, Case Managers are assumed to be watching all of a Student's Gradebooks and will identify any student who falls below the cutoff grade average in any of their Gradebooks.

Configuring Teacher Student Watch Lists

Teachers must also configure their Student Watch Lists for the Marking Period to watch and the cutoff grade average.  

However, Teachers can additionally specify which of their Gradebooks to watch.

A teacher can select any subset of their gradebooks to watch:

Configuring a "General" Student Watch List

In addition to specifying the color coding for a panel, and for specify the "Grade cutoff" value, General Student Watch Lists also must identify the Student List to be watched:


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