Team and Club Attendance

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Attendance can be taken for any event created in your athletic team's or club's calendar by manually entering the attendance by a staff member or by linking your activity to a Turnstile Event so the student's can scan into the event.  Either way, an entry is made to the Event Attendance table.

Setting up for Attendance

To setup your activities for attendance, you will go to the Team Settings or Club Settings screen depending on the activity you are setting up.  For clubs, the screen is found on the School Clubs -> Setup -> Club Settings screen and for sports, the screen can be found under Athletics -> Setup -> Team Settings.  This screen shows you all of the sports or club's in your school.

User Security 

In order to access the attendance screens in the Team Dashboard, users will need the following locations in one of their roles:

For Athletics:

Post Attendance: 

Attendance Summary: athletics.coaches.attendance.summary

For School Clubs:

Post Attendance: 

Attendance Summary: clubs.coaches.attendance.summary

Manual Entry of Attendance

For the manual entry of attendance, there is an optional field called "Default Attendance for Manual Entry".  This field will allow you to default the screen's attendance to an attendance code.  This is code is automatically posted to the students when the teacher first goes in to take attendance.  This is useful for larger clubs where the majority of students are not there.  You can default the code to Absent so that the teacher only has to change the students who attend.  

Turnstile Attendance

The turnstile settings on this screen link a turnstile event to the different activities.  Below are the fields needed to use attendance with Turnstile and how they interact.

Linked Turnstile Event

This field allows you to link an existing Turnstile Event or to create a new Turnstile Event that will automatically be linked to you activity.  Select an existing event or click the "Create New Event" button to link the them.  Once linked, any time a student scans into the linked event, attendance will be created for the student.  One other requirement for the attendance to be posted is that a Calendar Event must exist on the day the students are scanning in, or the "Calendar Event Type" (See below) drop down must have a value so the Turnstile can automatically create the Calendar Event for you.  

Allow Non-Rostered Student Checkins

This checkbox allows you to control who can check into the activity.  If checked, any student will be allowed to check into this event.  If this is not checked, an error will be shown when a student tries to check in who is not part of the activity.

If the user has selected "Only show students who are marked as participated", then only students with the Participated flag will be included in the roster.

If the user has selected "Show all students registered for activity", then students without the Participated flag will be included in the roster.

Calendar Event Type

In order for the Event Attendance to post, a Calendar Event is required.  The attendance is directly tied to the Calendar Event.  If turnstile is being used to check in students, the turnstile first looks for a calendar Event to tie the attendance to.  If there is an event that exists in the calendar on the date of the check in, the students are marked Present to that event. However, if Calendar Event was not setup in advance, field will allow the Turnstile to create that event on your calendar when the first student tries to check in.  The Calendar Events require a type, so whatever is selected in this drop down will be the type that is assigned to the new event.

Posting Attendance

Manual Entry of Attendance

Staff can manually take attendance for a Calendar Event by going into their Dashboard and clicking on the Attendance tab. The Post Attendance screen will look for a Calendar Event that has been created for the day.  If no event exists, a "Create Event" button will be displayed which will allow you to easily create an event.  If there are already events setup for the day and there is more than 1, the staff member will be asked to choose which event the attendance is to be taken for.

The Post Attendance screen will show all of the students who are on the roster of the activity.  If a default attendance code had been selected on the settings screen, all of the students will be showing that attendance as selected.  When the students arrive, simply click the Present or Absent boxes in order to update the students.  The attendance will be saved automatically once the attendance has been clicked.

Using Turnstile to Post Attendance

If a Turnstile Event has been linked to the activity, Students will be able to scan in by using the Turnstile's Scanning screen. Make sure that a Calendar Event Type has been selected on the Settings screen so that Turnstile will be able to automatically create a Calendar Event if one does not exist in the calendar already.  If a Calendar Event does exist in the activities calendar, Turnstile will automatically use that event.

When the first student checks in, the Turnstile will look for that Calendar Event and create one if needed.  The student checking in will be marked Present and the other students who are rostered in the activity will be marked Absent.  The other students will be marked Present once they check into the Turnstile.

When students check in through the turnstile, an Event Attendance record with the attendance code will be created as will a Turnstile Checkin.  So any screen that shows turnstile checkins will see that the student has checked into the activity.

If the activity is allowing non-rostered students to check in, attendance will be created for them as well for that day.

Viewing Student Attendance

You can view the students attendance in the Dashboard by clicking on the Attendance -> Attendance Summary screen.  This screen will show you the number of times a student has attended activity events.

If attendance has been taken for a Calendar Event, the calendar screen in the Dashboard allows you to see the attendance. Click on the event and all of the student attendance information for that event will be displayed.

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