Turnstile and Team Attendance

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Turnstile Scanning for Team Calendar Event Attendance

Once a Turnstile Event has been created for taking a team's attendance, the Turnstile->Scanning screen can be used both to create "default" team Calendar Events and to take team attendance.

How does this work?

Setting Up Team Attendance to Create Default Events

Only the team's "default" "Event Type" can be created via Turnstile.   The default Event Type is set on the Athletics->Setup->Team Settings->Attendance Settings screen as described here.   It works as follows:

On the the Athletics->Setup->Team Settings->Attendance Settings screen, the default event type is selected on the far right in the "Calendar Event Type" column:

The available 'event types' can be managed on the Calendar->District->Calendar Setup->Event Types screen.

Once you select an event type, Turnstile can be used to automatically create events of the selected type when a team member checks in via the Turnstile->Scanning screen.

Setting Up Turnstile for Team Attendance

Go to the Turnstile->Setup screen and link the user login you will use with the Turnstile Event dedicated to the Team you are setting this up for:

  1. Select the "User" - typically a 'kiosk' user you will use for whatever device student athletes will check-in on.
  2. Select the team's Turnstile Event - created when attendance was set up for the team.   Go here for more information on setup,
  3. Click "Save Setup" - that should be sufficient.  (You can read up on Turnstile as well here).

Scanning in via Turnstile and the Auto-Creation of Team Calendar Events

Once Turnstile has been setup for the team Event, and the associated user is logged in, the Turnstile->Scanning screen will show the name of the team students will be checked in for:

(this view is NOT a kiosk setup)

When a student checks in via Turnstile, they are assumed to be "present" - it is not possible to check-in "absent".  When the first team member checks in - always for "today" - if no Team Calendar Event exists for 'today', one is created with the Event Type selected on the Athletics->Setup->Team Settings->Attendance Settings screen for the team (see above).   The student checking in is marked "Present" AND ALL OTHER TEAM MEMBERS ARE MARKED "Absent".

Exempt vs Absent:  If a student is exempt, rather than absent, and the 'exempt' attendance code is enabled, a coach, assistant or administrator will need to change the student's attendance to exempt from absent via the Athletics->Team Dashboard->Athletics screen.    For more information about the Exempt attendance code, look here.


It is important to note that the "default" attendance is NOT assigned for newly created Calendar Event via this method.  Team members are marked "Absent" when a Calendar Event is created by Turnstile in this way (unless they are the first person checking in).  They stay "absent" until they also check-in via Turnstile for 'today' OR a coach marks them "present" via the Athletics->Team Dashboard->Attendance screen.   Once they are marked "Absent" they are NOT marked "Present" automatically - as just noted, they either need to check-in via a turnstile, or a coach needs to specifically mark them present.

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