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Quick Post attendance screens are an additional screen from which users can post a student’s daily attendance. 

Quick Post attempts to simply the process by categorizing actions in groups; Arriving to School, Departing School and optionally, Absent from School.



When a user clicks into one of these Action Groups, a set of predetermined attendance codes appear that the user may select.

In this example, the user has selected the "Arriving to School" Action Group and has been presented with two possible codes to chose from and post for this student.

This simplified interface allows a user to quickly post Daily Attendance for a student without having to choose from a large list of attendance codes.



In order to use Quick Post attendance, you will need to determine which attendance codes appear in each of the action groups.

Navigating to Attendance → Codes  → Quick Post Mappings allows you to make these selections.


From this screen, check off which attendance codes will be available for each of the Action Groups; Arrival, Departure and optionally, Absence.  If you do not choose an attendance code in the Available for Absence box, the Absent From School box will not appear on the Quick Post screen.

Example of Quick Post screen with no absence codes checked off.

example of Quick Post screen with no absence codes check off


Only certain Attendance Codes may be selected for each Action Group.

Available for Arrival - Arrival codes can be any attendance code that is not an Absence, Left Early or Homebound code and must also have Time Required set to Yes.

Available for Departure - Departure codes can be any attendance code that is marked as Left Early and must have Time Required set to Yes.

Available for Absence - Absent codes can be any attendance code that is marked as an Absence. 



Quick Post may be accessed from both the Student Data and Attendance tabs.  The interface for posting of attendance is identical on the two screens. 

Attendance Module Quick Post

When you first access the Quick Post screen from the Attendance Module, the user will be presented with a search box that will search for students in the users currently selected school.  You may search for a student by last name or student id.  If more than one possible students are returned by the search, the user will be presented with a list of students to choose from.  If a single result is returned, the user will be directly sent to the Quick Post posting page.


If you configured to use Attendance Transactions in Genesis, there will be some additional information on the Student's Quick Post screen.  Each transaction for the student, be it entering or leaving the building, will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Users with Change and Delete rights will be able to Modify and Delete those transactions from this screen.


If option, "Show Custody Issue warning on Departure Screen" was selected on the Quick Post Mappings screen, a warning of existing custody issue will appear on the Departing School screen. 

The warning will appear for all users.  If the user has rights to the student's custody screen, they will also see a link to access the custody issue on the student record.


The Quick Post screen has an additional mode to post from in case the user needs to post a code that is not a part of one of the Action Groups.  On the top of the Quick Post when accessing Quick Post from the Student Data tabs, you will see a radio button called "Basic Attendance".  Checking this will switch the interface to a new mode that allows the posting of any attendance code.



Securable locations for Quick Post Screens:

Attendance Module Quick Post - attendance.dailyattendance.quickpost

Quick Post Code Mapping        -  attendance.attendancecodes.qpmapping

Student Module Quick Post      -  studentdata.modifystudent.attendance.quickpost

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