Extra Credit in the Gradebook

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There are two kinds of “extra credit” in the Genesis Gradebook:

  • Extra credit that is assessed on a single Assignment, either to increase that Assignment’s  score or to bring up a student’s overall MP average.
  • Extra credit that is added to the student’s MP average after the average is calculated.  This represents a “brute force” adjustment to the student’s MP average. 

Extra Credit on Individual Assignments

Extra credit for a single Assignment can be awarded to students in three ways:    

  • If an Assignment has a Grading Type of “Numeric”, you can give a student a  grade higher than the maximum possible points.  For example, you can give a  student a grade of 105 if the Assignment is worth 100 points. 
  • You can create an Assignment that is essentially for just one student.  You do this by:   
  1. Creating the desired Assignment on the Add Assignment screen.
  2. Grade the Assignment and EXEMPT all students except the student to  whom you wish to award the extra credit.  Give that one student a  grade in the Assignment.  
  3. Save the exemptions and the grade.    
  • Similarly, you can create an Assignment that has a Grading Type of Numeric and  is worth zero (0) points and then grade the Assignment1:   
  1. Give the student(s) you wish to reward grades higher than zero (0).  
  2. Give all other students the non-punishing grade of zero (0 out of 0  points).

Verifying Extra Credit 

When you assign more points than a numerically graded Assignment is worth, you are prompted to okay the action.  All the students to whom you have given “extra credit” are listed in a dialog: Click “OK” to proceed and save the grades you have given or click “Cancel” to return to the Grade Assignment screen without saving the grades.

“Brute Force” Extra Credit Added to Students’ MP Averages After the Averages are Calculated  

Points can be added to each student’s MP average after the average is calculated.  This is done  by creating an Assignment with the special Category of “**Extra Credit**”

Procedure to add “Brute Force” Extra Credit Points to a Student’s MP Average after it is Calculated  

  1. Go to the Gradebook>Spreadsheet screen for the course.  
  2. Add a Single Assignment:   
    • Use whatever Assignment name & column header you wish.  
    • Select **Extra Credit** as the type of the Assignment.  
    • The due dates & maximum number of points fields are meaningless.  
    • Click Save to create the Assignment.  
  3. Grade the Assignment. The points you give here are added to the student’s MP  Average after it is calculated. Save your grades.  
  4. The spreadsheet should now show the MP averages of the student’s to whom you  have given “brute force” points in red font.

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