How to Grade Exams in Gradebook

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Grading Exam Sections

To grade an Exam section, click on the "Grade" tab beneath Exams.  

This brings up the Gradebook>Gradebook>Exams>Grade screen.  

The Exam sections are displayed on the left side of the screen and the Exam section  that is being graded is highlighted in green background.

The column is displayed, open for Grading, on the right side of the screen, along with the Gradebook's usual 4 special grades:

If you put a grade in the top grade box and click the "All" button, the grade will be propagated to all students.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click the Save button to send your grades to the Genesis server.

Caution using the 4 Special Grades

The Gradebook allows you to use the 4 special grades as "place holders" for students.   These grades (Absent, Incomplete, Missing and Exempt) CANNOT be reported to the Grading Module.  They are NOT valid report card grades - they are valid only in the Gradebook.  You may give them to students as Exam grades but when you report the grade to the Grading Module (on the Post Grades screen), you will be required to use a valid "Report Card" grade.  They can - optionally - stay as Exam grades in your Gradebook.

Caution:  No Extra Credit Allowed

You cannot report an Exam grade of greater than 100% to the Report Card Grading module.  That module does not accept grades higher than 100%.  So, use caution when giving students 'extra credit' for Exams.  Make sure each student's total Exam grade is <= 100%.

Switching Sections

When you have finished grading an Exam section - and Saved it - to switch to a new section simply click anywhere in the column of the Exam section you wish to grade.  Just like you would grade a Gradebook Assignment.

Curving Numerically-Graded Exam Sections

When an Exam section is graded numerically, curving tools appear at the upper left corner of the screen:

To use these tools, simply enter a number in the "Score Modifier" box and click one of:

  • Add - This adds the Score Modifier to every student's grade for the open Exam section.
  • Mult - This multiplies every student's grade for the open Exam section by  the Score Modifier.
  • Sub - This subtracts the Score Modifier from every student's grade for the Exam section.
  • Reset - This returns the students' grades to what they were after the last Save operation.  Caution:  If you have not yet done a Save, this will clear all grades.

This curving mechanism is NOT available for sections graded with Alpha grades.

Displaying Exam Grades

The grades for Exam sections are automatically displayed on the Exams tab.  

Once sections are graded, the Gradebook>Gradebook>Exams>Exams tab displays the grades, the Exam Average, a curving tool for overall Exam score and the "Final Grade" or total grade for the Exam.

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