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The Summer Rollover is a process that progresses your system forward into the next school year. It takes place once a year after the school year has ended. It is a process that is done collaboratively with the Genesis Staff during a scheduled appointment.

In order to schedule an appointment for the Rollover please submit a Help Desk ticket requesting one.

Prior to conducting the Rollover you will be asked to follow and complete the steps in the Pre-Rollover Guide.


Basic Timeline

  • Designate a rollover administrator
  • Submit a Summer Rollover ticket to Genesis Support
  • Schedule the district’s Rollover date
  • Review the Pre-Rollover Requirements document and guide
  • Attach requested information to the ticket and complete the checklist
  • Verify data is ready for rollover
  • Rollover Date – switch to the new school year and promote students
  • Complete the Start of School Checklist

Rollover Appointment

The following outlines the part of the Rollover Process that you will work on during your appointment with the Genesis rollover representative. 

During the district's appointment, the Summer Rollover is separated into five major processes

  1. Verifying Student Next Year Assignments
  2. Setting up District and School Start and End Dates
  3. Copying your current year data into next year
  4. Promote and Transfer Students into the Next Year
  5. Advancing the System's School Year Forward


This task is completed once all students in Genesis have a Next School and Grade Assignment.

This is done via Administration>Summer Rollover>Verify Assignments

  • This screen will show you whether or not all students have a Next Year Assignment
  • If all students DO have a Next Year Assignment then you will see a message in GREEN and you will be able to click on the 'Accept' button to sign off on this task
  • If all students do NOT have a Next Year Assignment then you will see a message in RED telling you that there are students in at least one of your schools in the district without a Next Year Assignment. This must be resolved before you can sign off on this task 
    • Use Report 14141 - Student Assignment Report to show you a list of the student's missing their Next Year Assignments.

Student Data>Next School and Grade

  • This screen allows you to mass assign student's Next School and Grade Assignments
  • Prior to rolling over you should check the Grade Progression table for any errors
  • You should also ensure that your graduating students are setup to go to the 'Inactive School' with a Next Grade Level of 'PG - Post Graduate' 
      • This also applies to Graduating 8th graders if you are a K to 8 district that does not have a High School


This task is completed once the district and each school are setup with a Start and End date.

This is done Administration>Summer Rollover>District and Schools

  • Fill out a 'Next Year Start Date' and a 'Next Year End Date' at the top of the screen for the District 
    • If you wish, you can click the 'here' button to push out the District dates to each school
  • Each school you wish to copy to next year requires a date to be filled in 
    • Each school can have different start and end dates
  • These dates should be based on your STUDENT start and end dates, NOT your staff
  • Make sure to click the 'Save' button to sign off on this task when completed


This task is completed once all data tables have been copied over to the next school year.

Please DO NOT attempt to run this yourself. Only Genesis support representatives may access this screen.

(plus)Click Here for a list of all data tables that are copied on this screen during Summer Rollover.


This task is available to run once your district passes the data integrity check and all requirements below are met.

The following must be performed by a Genesis rep:

CLICK HERE for the detailed outline of the Promote and Transfer step 

  • All previous steps in Summer Rollover must have been completed prior to Promote and Transfer.
  • Genesis will check for possible errors that may occur during this process.  
  • If the above has been completed, you will be presented with a 'Promote and Transfer' button to start the Promote and Transfer process. 
    •  If any errors occur during the process, an error message will appear. Correct any reported errors and use the 'Promote and Transfer' button to try again

Step 5 - Advance the School Year Forward 

This task is available once the previous steps are completed (must be performed by a Genesis rep)

Administration>Summer Rollover>Rollover Guide

  • Click the 'Advance School Year' button to move the system forward into the Next School Year 
    • Be sure to Log Off once the Advance Process is completed

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