Elementary Grading Teacher Subjects

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Checking this off will allow the teacher to post Skill grades for that subject


Checking this off will allow the teacher to post the Subject grade for that subject

You can set up the teacher subjects a teacher grades via Elementary Grading>Setup>Teacher Subjects.

Select the teacher on the left - and the screen to the right will update and show you the subjects currently checked off for the staff member.  If a subject is missing, check it off, and click "Save Subjects."

There are tools you can run via Elementary Grading>Setup>Mass Assign to update these checkboxes en masse.

Automatic Subject Assignments

This function will perform the following tasks:

  1. Remove all existing subject/skill assignments for teachers in this school that are not basic skills or special subjects teachers and do have a grade level and homeroom assigned.
  2. Assign all teachers the subjects and skills that are defined in the "School Subjects" tab.
  3. This will not assign Basic Skills or Special Subjects, these must be assigned manually per teacher on the Teacher Subjects tab.
  4. This function will not affect Basic Skills or Special Subject Teachers in any way.

Copy Teacher Subjects from 201X-1X

This function will copy all teacher subjects from last year into the current year.

  1. A teacher will be skipped if subjects already exist for them in the current school year (201X-1X).
  2. Subjects from previous year will not be assigned if that subject does not exist for the school in the current year.

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