Student Categories Screen

Modified on Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 10:01 AM

* Student Data -> Categories

- Medical fields moved under a Medical Information section. Change and inquiry access is still controlled by the

the studentdata.modifystudent.demographic.categories.medical securable location.

- Locker fields moved under a Locker Information section. Change and inquiry access is still controlled by the

the securable location.

The Student Data>Modify Student>Demographic>Categories tab is where users can set flags and fields on the student's record that indicate various issues or status.

I and RS - if the student has an I and RS Tracking record. "Change" link brings you to Student Data.Modify Student.Tracking.Other.I and RS

504 Student - if the student has 504 status

Show 504 Icon on the Student Info bar

School to Work

Retained in Previous School Year - if the student is repeating their grade level from the previous year

Bilingual Program

Gifted and TalentedThere is a "Calculate Gifted and Talented Students using Gifted and Talented courses" option via Setup>Schools>Basic Params. 

If this is checked, students will be considered Gifted and Talented when they are taking a course flagged as Gifted and Talented. This option checks for active courses in the current school year that are set as Gifted and Talented. Gifted and Talented students will be reset when the school year ends. 

When this option is checked, Gifted and Talented students will be reset, and each student will be mark as Gifted and Talented depending on if they are taking a Gifted and Talented course. 

If you do not use the option mentioned above, you would need to set this field manually or with student lists via Student Data>Mass Change.

Independent Program

Lunch Pin - can be automatically generated by clicking on the "Generate" button.

Homeless - "Change" link brings you to Student Data.Modify Student.Tracking.Other.Homeless


Non-Public Student - This is set automatically if a student is enrolled in a school marked "Non Public"

Lives in Group/Foster/Resource Home - Students in a Group Home will be EXCLUDED from NJ Smart collections unless tuition is set to "03 - Paid by State and marked as State-Responsible Student".

Home Schooled

Child of District Employee/BOE Member - if the student is the child of a district employee or Board of Education member. This will add student to the "Child of Staff or BOE" totals for the ASSA report.

Ability Level

AVID Student

Legacy Student ID

Locker Information:

  • Locker Number
  • Shares Locker with another student
  • Lock Number (only available if the student has a Locker assigned to them)
  • Combination (only available if the student has a Locker assigned to them)

Notify Before Registering - a user should notify the administration before registering or re-entering a student.  This flag signals Genesis to pop up warnings to a user if they try to:

Re-enter the student if they are inactive,

or register/pre-register a similar student.

Military Affiliation

Military Exclusion - used to exclude students from the  '21275 -  Student Address List' report

Military Connected Indicator

School Before Summer School

Summer School - in district or out of district

8th Grade Tech Proficiency

Lunch Balance

Share Free/Reduced Lunch Information

Alternate Lunch Location

Insurance Provider

Has Med Insurance?

Release to NJ Family Care

Prevent Resident Home school rollover - if you set this, the value selected in the Home School dropdown for the specific student will not be changed upon rollover (based on the rollover settings selected on the Setup>Schools>Modify School screen.) It works as an override of those settings.

Prevent Resident District Tracking rollover - same as above - but with the Resident District Tracking record for the individual student.

Seal of Biliteracy - check this off if you are using the Transcript macro to pull the Seal to the transcript.


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