Student Data Health Records Screen

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Student Health Record Screen

The Student Health Record screen (Student Data->Modify Student->Medical->Health Record) displays a summary of the student's medical information.

This is the place to store basic health/medical information about the student.

Contact Area

Clicking on the name of a Contact brings you to the "Modify Contact" screen for that Contact (Student Data->Modify Student->Demographics->Contacts 2->Modify Contact).

Clicking on either of the visit history counts brings you to the Nurse Visits screen for this student (Student Data->Modify Student->Demographics->Medical->Visits). 

Conditions Area

This area displays the list of Conditions selected for the student.  To change the selections, click the "Add Conditions" button.

A selected Condition can optionally cause the red cross icon to appear in the student's Student Information Bar:

The tooltip text for the red cross icon is controlled by the contents of the  field - see below.

The overall list of available Conditions, and whether or not a given Condition turns on the red cross icon, can be configured locally in your District.

Conditions can be selected by you.  It is also possible to have parents/guardians select the Conditions for the student from a list displayed in the Parent module.

Basic Health-related Fields

The basic health related fields includes all parameters that do not appear on another medical screen.  

To update these, change the values, scroll to the bottom of this screen and click the  button.

Sports Participation Status

  • Sport Participation Status - This field is populated from two sources:  records entered by a nurse on the student's Athletic Status screen (Student Data->Student->Medical->Athletic Status Records), and the student's athletic status as recorded on the student's Athletics screen (Student Data->Student->Athletics).   This "Sports Participation Status" information is also displayed on the student's Athletics screen.  This represents two things:  whether the student is currently allowed to participate in any physical education activities and whether the student is currently allowed to participate on any official team sports.  Overall, it representsphysical(i.e. medical) status as well as participation status (regulated ability to participate because of missing or completed forms, such as concussion status form, as well as overall NJ Sports Participation status). 
    • Physical status is controlled on the student's Sports Participation screen.
    • Participation status is set up via the Athletics module.

NJ SMART Medical Insurance & Release Information

The following fields are related to NJ SMART information capture:

  • Has Med Insurance - This field is also displayed on the Student Data->Student->Demographics->Categories screen.
  • HInsurance Provider - This field is also displayed on the Student Data->Student->Demographics->Categories screen.
  • Release to NJ Family Care - This field is also displayed on the Student Data->Student->Demographics->Categories screen.
  • Parent Consent for Medicaid Services
  • Parental Consent Date
  • Are Medicaid Services being Received?

The following fields contain information previously captured for NJ SMART or other NJ reporting

  • Polio Immunization
  • Last Lead Test - Lead test information appears on the A45.  Click the View Lead Tests link to bring up the student's screen where Lead Tests can be recorded.
  • Last Medical Exam - Student Medical Exam dates are captured on the student's Athletics screen.  Go to the student's Student Data->Student->Athletics screen to view/update this informaiton.

Immunization Registry Fields

Genesis is working to establish connectivity with the NJIIIS Registry.   Two fields have been added to help with Immunization Registry Connectivity:

  • Immunization Registry # - This is a completely separate number from all other identification numbers for the student.  It relates only to the Immunization Registry.
  • Mothers Maiden Name - Searching for students on the NJIIIS Registry, if you do not have the student's Immunization Registry #, is by name and Mothers Maiden Name.  We are providing this field in order to capture Mothers Maiden Name to allow for future searches on the NJIIIS Registry

Text For Medical Icon Field

If the red cross Medical Icon is turned on for the student, the text in this field will be displayed as a tooltip for that icon.  If the medical icon is turned on, but this field is empty, the neutral text "Student has a Medical Alert" will be displayed.

WARNING:  Any text you place in this field can be viewed by any person who has access to the student.  You should regard this text as the general "need to know" information for the student - any issue you want others to know in order to help this student.


The "Comments" field is for information you need to know regarding this student.

This information is displayed to you at the top of the "MODIFY VISIT" screen:

It is also displayed to you when you create a "Medication" (i.e. prescription) record for the student.

Cafeteria Notes Field

This field is for "Need to Know" information regarding what the student can or cannot safely eat, whether they have specific food allergies, etc.

Some, but not all, Cafeteria products, can accept this information through their interface with Genesis and display the information directly at the cash register in the cafeteria.

Consult with your local administration regarding whether this information will be displayed at the cash register.

If the information is NOT displayed at the cash register, you can still have it printed out as a report and distributed to cafeteria staff.  

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