Student Demographics Screen

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There are six fourth level screen under the "Demographics" Student Record tab:

  • Required - Demographic information, Registration information, NJ Smart information, and many other fields that are 1-to-1 with the student.
  • Contacts - All contacts for the student.
  • Categories - ELL settings for the student, Lunch settings, several Medical related fields collected by NJ Smart, and various other fields that are 1-to-1 with the student.
  • Family - A listing of all of the current student's siblings, identified by sharing the same Family Code.
  • Custody - Custody issues for this student.
  • Child Care - Child Care information for this student.

These screens represent the core of each student's record, containing many of the most crucial pieces of data.



The Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required screen displays the student's basic info, as well as their registration info, their HR teacher, their next year assignment etc.

This screen is divided into two major areas:

  • Student Data - Basic student information
  • Registration Information - Current year, NJ State Registration settings.

Basic Student Data

Fields you can enter / review / modify on this screen (some fields can't be changed directly on this screen):



Home School

The school the student would normally attend, if they are not attending it.

State Student ID

Student’s state assigned ID number


Your school’s district

First Name

Student's preferred name.

First Name (Birth)


Student's preferred gender.  This is tied to the editable Gender Preference Codes table.

Birth Gender

This is a hard-coded drop down.

Notes on the new fields added in 2019. These fields are only visible to users with the securable location of "studentdata.modifystudent.demographics.required.birthNameGender."

Gender Code on the student now populates based on codes in Generic Code table (Setup>Codes), GENDER_PREFERENCE. By default, it contains codes M and F but you may add other codes as needed, for your district. Please review the documentation here.

The Student Demographics page (Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required) now also contains fields for "First Name (Birth)" and "Birth Gender." Note that "First Name (Birth)" will no longer be sent to NJSmart as they no longer require the legal name. Please review the documentation here.

Last Name

Student's last name.

Middle Name

Student's middle name.

Nick Name

Optional. Can be set to student 'Display Name' in the Gradebook

There is a "Show Student Nickname in Student Information Bar" field via Setup>Districts>Basic Params.

Birth Date

Student's date of birth

Vice Principal

Can be mass updated via Student Data > Mass Change


Can be mass updated via Student Data > Mass Change - Discipline incidents are defaulted to this 'Disciplinarian' if student has it set.

Registration Date

Date student was entered into Genesis, this can be updated to a different date. This field does NOT represent the student's first day enrolled.


5 checkboxes, included in state reporting


"Hispanic or Latino" or "Non-Hispanic or Latino" - included in state reporting

Grade Level

Student's assigned grade level for the school year. Go to student's Tracking > Registration page to adjust


Career for vocational-technical schools/programs. New codes added via Setup > Codes > Vocational Ed Programs.

Home Room

Can be updated en masse via Admin>Assignments>HR Assignments and/or Student Data>Mass Change.


Student's assigned counselor. Can be mass updated via Admin>Assignments>Assign Counselors

High School Entry

Factors into Sports Eligibility. Is also used in some exports, athletic reports, and can be printed on transcripts.

Class Of

“Class of” is very important: for students currently in high school (9th grade or higher), it identifies the graduation requirements as specified by the State of NJ. Once a student enters 9th grade, their “Class of” is locked and cannot be changed.

Year of Graduation

The year the student is currently expected to graduate high school. If a student is retained in a high school grade, their “year of graduation” will change, while their “Class of” will not. In most cases, “Year of Graduation” and “Class of” will be the same.


Student's assigned locker number. Can be updated via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Categories.

Can be mass updated via Admin>Assignment>Locker Assignments.

Resident District

The district the student currently resides in. Can be updated via Student Data>Modify Student>Tracking>Other>Resident District

Municipality Code

The code for the municipality in which the student resides.

Scheduling Team

Optional, if your school assigns students to "Teams" for scheduling purposes

Designated Spec Ed

The main special ed tab, with IEP record info, can be found via Student Data>Modify Student>Special Ed.

Parent/Guardian refuses to provide birthplace information

Optional. When clicked, this will hide the Birth City, State and Country boxes (but it won't clear them if they're already filled out).

Birth City, Birth State, Birth Country

Required for State Reporting. Birth City + State are only required if Birth Country = United States

Primary Language

The language the student speaks (that is, the language the student is most comfortable speaking).

Home Language

The language spoken in the home.

Date of Graduation

Student's graduation date. Can be mass updated via Admin>Assignments>Graduation Dates and/or Student Data>Mass Change

US Entry Date

This is required by NJ SMART if the student was not born in the US. It is the date the student entered the US.

First Entry US School

This is required for NJ SMART for students not born in the US. It is the date the student first attended a US school.

Original Entry in School

Records the students initial entry date in the school they are now attending. Will reset when student rolls into a different school in the following year, or when student re-enters or transfers to a new school (based on entry code). 

Original Entry in District

Records the first day of enrollment for the student at their current district. 

Current Entry in District

Records the latest date the student was enrolled or re-enrolled into the district. Updates when student is re-entered in the district from being withdrawn (based on entry code, ex: R7)

Current School Entry Date

First date of attendance for the student in the school they are now entering. Set by the Summer rollover automatically. 

Please visit the following for more information on the student name and gender fields:

Student Identity & Name


Registration Data

The Registration Information area shows the student's current Registration information - which cannot be updated here - along with "Previous" information and "Next" information:

Previous Year Fields

There are five "previous year" fields:

  • Previous Genesis School
  • Previous County Code
  • Previous State District Code
  • Previous State School Code
  • Previous Grade

Next Year Fields

There are seven "next year" fields - these are all used in the Next Year Scheduling process:

  • Next School - What school will this student attend next year?
  • Next Grade - What Grade Level will this student be in next year?
  • Next Scheduling Team
  • Next Counselor
  • Next Homeroom 
  • Next PTC 
  • Next Session

Student Demographics Family Screen

The Demographics->Family screen (Student Data>Student>Demographics>Family) lists all students who share the same Family Code:

The siblings are listed in alphabetical order.

Siblings that share the same Legal Residence (LR), Guardian 1, or Guardian 2 are shown in green highlight.  

Siblings where the LR, Guardian 1, or Guardian 2 is different from the current student is shown in red background.

Student Contacts Screen

Contacts (Student Data>Student>Demographics>Contacts) is one of the five "Demographics" screens on student records.

It holds all the Contact information for a student:

The Contacts screen consists of a set of "Contact Cards" organized to show the most important information at the top and contacts of lesser importance as you scroll down the page.

Contents of a Contact

Each contact card holds the following information:

  • Name
  • Relationship to the student, if that is known.  E.g. Father
  • "Importance within Genesis" - Contacts are classified, and appear on the Contacts screen, by their importance to the student within Genesis.  See the section on  "Relationship to Student vs. Importance in Genesis" below.  E.g. Guardian 2 
  • All phone numbers for the person - Each contact may have an unlimited number of phone numbers.  The principal phone numbers include the following: 
    • Home Phone Number (perhaps the old land line, perhaps their personal cell phone)
    • Cell Phone
    • Work Phone
    • Work Cell Phone
  • Email Addresses for the person - Each contact may have an unlimited number of email addresses.
  • Physical Address - Contacts can have an unlimited number of physical addresses.  There is one special physical address: 
    • Student's Legal Address - Generally, Guardian 1's physical address is considered the student's legal address.  See the section below on the "Student and Guardian 1".
  • Custody Status - See the Custody Screen.
  • Note - A note can be entered for each Contact.

TIP: If students are tied together by a family code, you can click the icon to the left of the "contact information" text to get a prompt to copy contact info to the other siblings.

Organization of the Contacts Screen

Contact cards are organized in two side-by-side columns, starting from upper left:

Contacts, starting from the upper left, appear in the following order:

  • Student - The first card at top left always identifies the student themselves.
  • Guardian 1 to Guardian 4 - Guardian 1 is absolutely required;  the other three Guardian Contacts are optional.  The Guardian 1 contact always appears at top right.
  • Emergency 1 to Emergency x - There can be an unlimited number of Emergency contacts for a student.  In practice the reasonable limit is five.
  • Other Contacts- There can be an unlimited number of other Contacts listed for a wide variety of reasons.  Frequent "Other" contacts include: 
    • Doctor - When this appears on a student's record, it also will appear on the student's Health Record (Student Data->Student->Medical->Health Record) screen so that it is easily available to School Nurses.
    • Dentist - When this appears on a student's record, it also will appear on the student's Health Record (Student Data->Student->Medical->Health Record) screen so that it is easily available to School Nurses.
    • Hospital - When this appears on a student's record, it also will appear on the student's Health Record (Student Data->Student->Medical->Health Record) screen so that it is easily available to School Nurses.
    • DCPP Representative


Student and Guardian 1 Contacts

Every student must  have a Student contact and a Guardian 1 contact.   These are always the cards in the top row of the Contacts list.

The "Student" Contact identifies the Student themselves.  The "Student Home Phone #" and the "Legal Residence" are generally borrowed from the "Guardian 1" contact which appears on the right side of the top row.   "Guardian 1" identifies "the person to contact first" for the student.   The key importance here really is the "person to contact first".  Guardian 1 is the individual in the world with primary responsibility for the student.   In many cases this will be the student's mother, but that is neither a universal or a given.  See "Relationship to Student vs. Importance in Genesis" below.

Emancipated Students

If a student is over 18 years of age and has become emancipated, they can appear on both the "Student" card at top left and the "Guardian 1" card at top right.  There always must be a Guardian 1 card.   Their status ("Emancipated") can be recorded as the Note on their card, or on the Notes for both the Student contact and the Guardian 1 contact.


Relationship to Student vs. Importance in Genesis

A Contact is identified by two settings:

  • Their Relationship to the student - This is the relationship the person has to the student "in the real world".  E.g. Mother, Father.   There is a fixed set of Relationship codes that is distributed with Genesis that contains a lengthy and comprehensive list of possible relationships.  If you need to add to the list of built-in Relationships for any reason, please enter a "Jira" ticket with your request and explaining the need.
  • Importance in/to Genesis - The Contacts' importance to Genesis indicates what Genesis will use the Contact for.  There are generally five levels of "importance": 
    • Student - The student themselves.
    • Guardian 1 - The first person to contact for the student.  The primary person with legal responsibility for the student.
    • Guardians 2 to 4 - Additional individuals with legal responsibility for the student.   See "Guardians" below.
    • Emergency Contacts (1, ...) - People to contact if Guardian 1 is not available, in the order contact should be attempted.
    • Other Contacts - Individuals or organizations (e.g. Hospital) with some need to be mentioned on the student's record.  These are not in the "call sequence" expect in special situations (e.g. doctor, dentist, hospital, ...)


"Guardian" contacts are usually the student's parents, e.g. mother and father.   Guardian 1 is always "the person to call first".  Genesis presents the Guardian 1 contact and primary phone number, and occasionally email addresses, wherever "Student Contact Information" is displayed.

Guardian 2 is always "the other parent in the home" when there is an intact two parent family.

Guardians 3 and 4 come into play where there is not an intact two parent family.    When there there is not a two parent intact family the district must define what Guardian2 and Guardian 3 represent.  Guardian 2, for example, can represent either the in-house parent's partner, or the out-of-house parent.  Guardian 3 similarly can represent either the in-house parent's partner or the out-of-house parent.  Your district should clearly define how these are to be used in such situations.

Guardian 4, when there is one, is almost always the out-of-house parent's partner.

Guardians can also be anyone who has responsibility for the student, e.g. Aunt, Grandmother, Grandfather, and, very occasionally, DCPP representative.

Student Categories Screen

There are various fields you can check off for kids via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Categories.

Some examples are: 

I and RS, 504 Student, Show 504 Icon, School to Work, Retained in Previous School Year, Bilingual Program, Gifted and Talented, Independent Prog, Lunch Pin, Homeless, Migrant, Non-Public Student, Lives in Group/Foster/Resource Home, Home Schooled, Child of District Employee/BOE Member, Ability Level, AVID Student, Legacy Student ID, Locker, Shares Locker With, Notify Before Registering, Military Affiliation, Military Exclusion, Military Connected Indicator, School Before Summer School, Summer School. 8th Grade Tech. Proficiency, Lunch Balance, Share Free/Reduced Lunch Information, Alternate Lunch Location, Insurance Provider, Has Med Insurance?, Release to NJ Family Care, Print A45, Prevent Resident Home school rollover, Seal of Biliteracy.


Securable Locations for this screen:

Child Care tab

You can add Child Care info to a student's record via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Child Care.


You can enter this data on a student's individual record via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Custody.

Record Start Date and End Date are the fields used for creating the record and controlling whether or not the student's Heart icon appears, and in what color.

The Custody Start and End Dates are additional, optional information about the court order.

Essentially, the district doesn't have to fill out anything other than the Start Date if they do not wish to record details after "court order on file".

The existence of Custody Start/end Dates have no effect on the record itself, and Genesis will see the student has a custody issue whether they are filled in or not.

As long as there is a Record Start Date, and the Record End Date is blank, the custody issue will continue to be current, and the red heart will display in the student's information bar.

Once the custody issue is to be closed, the Record End Date can be filled in, and when that date passes, the heart will then turn Green.

Securable Locations for this screen and its subtabs:

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