Adding a Label Layout

Modified on Tue, May 2, 2023 at 9:14 AM

Adding a Label Layout

An unlimited number of label layouts can be added to the Genesis System.

  • To Add a new label layout, go to the Student Data>Labels>Label Layouts screen
  • Click the "Add Custom Label" button:


  • This brings up the "Add Label Layout" popup:

  • To add the new label layout, you must: 
    • Enter a Code. The code must be a short (<=8) sequence of letters, numbers and underscores ('_'). It has to be unique among the label layouts (no two label layouts can share the same Code).
    • Enter a Name for the label layout. This is the name that will be displayed in drop down lists.
    • Fonts: Every Avery label has a default Font & Font Size defined for it. To override the defaults: 
      • Select a Font.
      • Specify a point Size for the font.
    • Specify a Sequence #. This simply places your new label layout in the list of existing label layouts. All lists are in "sequence # order".
    • Enter the text and macros for the label layout itself.

The text of the label layout consists of regular, plain text (e.g. "To the Parents/Guardian of:") and label macros. The set of predefined label macros and information on how to use them can be found here: Macros are enclosed between "${" and "}" signs.   The label layout text field is "what you see is what you get".  There are no word processing functions available:  this is a plain text field.  If you space down several lines or space over a number of blank spaces, those 'blanks' will be faithfully reproduced on the label.

  • Click the Add button to add the new layout.

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