Printing Labels

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Printing Labels

Labels are printed from the Student Data > Labels > Print Labels screen:

To print labels, go to the Student Data >Labels >Print Labels screen and do the following:

  • Select a student list. Labels will be printed for all students included in the list. See "Labels for Lists" below.
  • Select a sort order for the labels. The default sort order is by student name. The sort orders available include:
  • Choose the Avery label template to use for these labels. "Avery 5161" is the default mailing label: See the "Avery Labels" section below for more information.
  • Every Avery template includes a default font size. To override the default, select a font size from the drop down.
  • Select the type of mailing (or use) for the labels: . To print one label per student (e.g. for folders) select the "LR" option. See the section below on Addresses, Mailings and Labels for more information.
  • Select the Label Layout to use for these labels. The "Normal" label layout is the "To the Parents/Guardians of" address label. See the "Label Layouts" section below for more information.
  • To only print 1 label per family code, check the checkbox. This is to send home only one mailing per household, or per group of siblings. See FAQ for more details.
  • Optionally, to correct positioning on the Label template, X and Y offsets can be defined:
  • A postal barcode (for the use of the Post Office) can be included on each label by checking the option.
  • Genesis will try to correct casing (converting to upper or lower case as appropriate) if you check the option.
  • Click to generate the labels.


Student Lists and Labels

Labels are printed for all students on a selected list. You can print labels for any Student List that you create. The list must be created prior to using the Print labels feature. There are also three built-in options that appear in the drop down:

  • All active students in the school
  • All active students in the district
  • All active students in the district sorted by street name and number


Addresses, Mailings and Labels

Addresses in Genesis have flags to indicate which types of mailings are to be sent to the Address. There are five types of mailings:

Mailing Type 

What is mailed 


All general purpose mailings


Attendance Letters


Discipline related letters and communications


Course Requests, schedules and other scheduling-related letters

Report Cards

Report Cards and Grading communications

 Each physical Address can be flagged to receive some or all of the individual mailing types. When labels are printed, and the Mailing Type is chosen (E.g. "Scheduling") all of the addresses that are flagged to receive "Scheduling" mailings, for all of the students in the selected Student List are included in a the set of printed labels. For example, if a student has parents that live apart and both the student's LR and the student's 'second family' ('other parent') addresses are flagged to receive a mailing, two labels – one for each address – are generated for the student.

The LR Option: One label Per Student

In addition to the types of mailings listed above, the "Mailing Type" drop down includes an "LR" option. Selecting "LR" generates one label for the student. The "LR" option should be used when printing labels for folders.

Avery Labels

Genesis supports essentially every format of Avery labels. Any additional label formats which are not built-in can be defined to Genesis via the "Template Definition" feature described here. The most common Avery format – the standard mailing label – is the Avery 5161 label.

Label Layouts

Genesis comes preloaded with seven label layouts. Defining additional label layouts is simple. The 'Add Label' capability is described here. The seven label layouts that are shipped with Genesis include:






"To the Parents/Guardians of"


Include ID Information

"To the Parents/Guardians of" with the student's ID included


Student Name and Homeroom

A basic folder label with name & HR


Student Name, Street Address, Homeroom

Another folder label layout


With Parent Name, rather than parent/guardian

An address label to the Parent (i.e. Contact Name)


With Parent Name and IDs

Same as the TO_PARENT label but including the student's ID number


Student With Id, Address, GR and HR

A folder label including the student's ID, Contact address, Grade and HR

These seven can be used as is, modified and even deleted. Label Layouts are managed via the *Student Data>Labels>Label Layouts* screen.

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