Populating Medical Drop Down Lists and Codes

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Populating Drop Down Lists: Setting up Codes

Populating Drop Down Lists in the Nurses Module:  Setting Up Codes

There are a set of "Generic Codes Tables" that populate the drop downs in the Nurse Module and on the students' Athletics screens that can be maintained directly within the Nurses Module.

These codes are located in a set of tables found on the Nurse>Setup>Codes screen in the "Generic Codes" category.

To edit these codes, go to the Nurse>Setup>Codes screen and select "Generic Codes" from the "Select codes to change" drop down.

All the other categories of codes (Diseases, Conditions, Vaccines, Titers) are related to setting up the NJ A45 student medical form.

The set of "Codes Tables" listed here contain all of the settings for the drop-down boxes on the Nurse Visits and Medications screens.

The list of tables includes:

  • NURSE_FORM_STATUS - This lists the status options for the sports forms located on students' "Athletics" tabs.
  • NURSE_BODY_PARTS - This is the list of 'body parts' available in the "Body Parts" drop down on the Create and Modify Visit screens.
  • NURSE_DISPENSING_REASON_CODES - This is list of codes that appears in the "Dispense Reasons" on the "Dispense" popups for Medications.
  • NURSE_MEDICATION_LOCATIONS - This is the list of "Locations" that appears on the Create and Modify Medication screens.  It is the list of places where medication may be dispensed.
  • NURSE_MEDICATIONS - This is the current list of possible medications.  Medications can also be added to this codes table from the Create and Modify Medications screen.
  • NURSE_TREATMENTS - This is list of treatments contained in the "Treatment" drop down on the Create and Modify Visit screens.
  • NURSE_VISIT_CATEGORIES - This is the list of "Categories" contained in the "Visit Category" drop down on the Create and Modify Visit screens.
  • NURSE_VISIT_DISPOSITIONS - This is the list of "Dispositions" (e.g. Returned to Class) provided in the "Disposition" drop down on the Create and Modify Visit screens.  Each of these 'closes' a Visit.
  • NURSE_VISIT_REASONS - This is the list of complaints students can give for a visit to the Nurse's office.
  • OPERATIONS_AND_INJURIES - This is list of options available on the NJ A-45-related OPERATIONS and INJURIES section of the students' Medical->History screen

Updating Generic Codes Tables

To update one of these sets of codes, click the corresponding icon at the right side of the line ("P" for oPen or Parameters).

 This brings up a screen containing all the existing codes in the table and allows you to:

  • Add new codes
  • Delete unused, unwanted codes
  • Change existing codes to have new descriptions.
  • To remove a code, click the corresponding trashcan icon.
  • To add a new code, use the "Add a Code to ..." fields at the top of the list
  • To change the Description or Sequence number of an existing code, click the edit icon.   This will bring up an "edit code" popup that will allow you to change the Description and Sequence number.

Ordering Codes in a List

Genesis orders codes strictly by their Sequence numbers.   Codes are only ordered alphabetically if their Sequence numbers put them in that order.  

This allows you to control the order of all Codes Tables and put the codes in the order that is easiest for you to use.  

Put the most popular codes at the top of the table.

Adding a New Code

To add a code to a table:

  • Choose the "Code" carefully:  it must be unique in the list.  No two codes in the same Codes Table can be identical.
  • The Description can be anything you wish.
  • The Sequence number places the code in the list of existing codes in the table.
  • Click Add to add the code.

There are no limits to the number of codes that can be in a single table.

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