Student Medications Screen

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This is found via Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>Medications.

The student's Medications screen lists active 'medications' (or prescriptions) and can also display a log of the student's disbursed medications for the school year:

Medications List vs Medication Log

At the top of the Medications screen there are radio button controls that allow you to switch back and forth between the list of Medications  ("Daily Medications") and the Medication Log:

You can switch between the two views at will.

Medications List

The default view on this screen, Daily Medications, is a list of the student's currently active Medications, or prescriptions:

Medications are not editable from here:  If you need to edit a medication, you must go to the Nurse's Nurse->Medications screen.

You can view any "Comment" associated with a Medication by clicking the "View Comment" field associated with it.

Medication Log

The student's Medication Log (disbursed and not disbursed Medications) for the current year is displayed when the "Medication Log" radio button is selected:

The log captures two types of disbursement records:

  • All records of dispensed medications
  • Records of medications which were scheduled to be dispensedbbut were not dispensed for some reason.

The "Dispensed" column contains an indicator for whether or not the medication was actually dispensed.

The log shows the date and time of the dispensation record, whether the record represents a medication that was dispensed or one that was not, a dosage if one is available, vitals if they were record, and an optional reason for why the medication was dispensed or why it was not.

Printing the Medication Log

When the Medication Log is displayed, a printer icon button appears at the upper right corner of the screen.  

This will print the log as it appears on the screen.

Editing, Deleting and Dispensing Medications

Medication records cannot be edited or deleted from this screen, nor can you record having dispensed a medication from here.  

To do any of those tasks, please go to the Nurse->Medications screen.

Adding a Medication

You can add a Medication record to the student directly from this screen.  

To begin creating a Medication record, please click the button.

The "Create New Medication" task is described in the Medications article.

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