Family Codes

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Family Codes

Genesis includes the ability to associate a group of students by a “family code."

The Student Data>Student List>Address Search Screen

The Student Data>Student List>Address Search screen allows you to search by basic demographic information such as name, contact name, street address, city, email address, contact and address types and Family Codes.

This screen additionally allows you to mass assign students to a single Family Code.  

A search by family code returns all the address and contact information for all students who share the  same code.  

Each contact on each address is returned as a separate line in the list.  The address type is identified, as is the street address, phone and email for the contact.

The controls at the bottom of the screen include the following - 

  • Add checked students to this list – As on the screen, this allows you to add the checked students  to an existing student list.
  • Add checked students to a new list - As on the screen, this allows you to create a new student list  and add the checked students to it.
  • Add checked students to family code – Assign the same Family Code to all the checked students

Assigning Family Codes via the Address Search Screen

This control becomes enabled once students are listed on the screen.

Procedure to Use the Address Search Screen to Assign a Family Code to a Group of Students  

1. Go to the Student Data>Student List>Address Search screen  

2. Search for the students you wish to add to a family code  

3. Check the check boxes next to those students  

4. Locate the “Add checked students to family code” field at the bottom of the screen.    

5. Click the radio button next to the control.  

6. Enter the family code to assign into the text field.  

7. Click OK.  

Assigning Family Codes via the Demographics Family Screen 

Procedure to Use the Demographics Family Screen to Assign a Family Code to a Single Student 

1. Go to the Student Data>Student List>Address Search screen 

2. Search for the students you wish to add to a family code 

3. Open the student record for one of these students and go to the Student Data>Student>Demographics>Family screen. 

4. Locate the “Family Information” area at the top of this screen. 

5. Locate the “Family Code” field. 

6. If this student is the first student in their family to be given a code, click the "Generate Family Code" button to generate a family code.  Click “Save” to store the generated code.  Note that the code is NOT stored when it is generated.  You must click the Save button to store the code. 

7. Additional students in the family can now be assigned the same family code. 

8. If this student is not the first student in the family you can use the Search for Family Code popup  to attempt to find the student’s family code.   To do this, click the "Locate Family Code" button.   This brings up the “Family Code Search Screen."

Procedure to Locate a Family Code using the Family Code Search Screen  

1. Click the "Autofill" button.  This populates the Family Code Search Screen with the name and address information of the currently selected student.

2. Now click Search to use the student’s information to locate pre-existing family members, if there  are any.  This brings up a list of all students located by the imported search criteria

3. Click in the radio button of a student with correctly matching information and click “Select”.

4. The family code for the selected student should now be saved in the original student’s Family  Code field.  Click Save to store the new family code assignment. 

Dynamic Student Lists for Students in a Single Family 

Procedure to Create a Query-based Student List for all Students in a One Family  

1. Navigate to the Student Data>Edit Lists screen  

2. Enter the name for the new list in the “Create a new dynamic query list called:” field.  

3. Click the ‘Create button.  This creates the list and shows you the initial or default query. 

The default query automatically selects the “Student” data element (i.e. database table) and  places 3 filters on it:  

• The current school:  schoolYear = ${SCHOOL_YEAR}

• The current selected school:  currentSchoolCode = <your school’s school code>  

• Only currently active students:  enrollmentStatus = ACTIVE 

This automatically selects all students who are active in the specified school at the time the list is used.   You must now continue and convert the default query to a “Family Code” query:  

4. Click on the delete trashcan icon to remove the “SchoolCode” filter.

5. Select the “FamilyCode” field from the drop down list to add as a filter  

6. Select the ‘=’ operator.  This will match all students with the family code you are about to enter.

7. Enter the family code for the family you are creating a list to locate.

8. Click Add.   This now gives you a Dynamic List which will match all active members in the District, no matter which school they attend.

Note that these “dynamic family lists” identify only 1 family and cannot be automatically generated.  You must create them manually when you wish to quickly identify all students in a given family. 



TIP: If students are tied together by a family code, you can click the icon to the left of the "contact information" text to get a prompt to copy contact info to the other siblings.

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