Moving Lesson Plans to New Dates

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Moving Lesson Plans to New Dates

There are two ways to change the date on which a Lesson Plan is going to be taught:

  1. Moving a single Lesson Plan to a new Day on the Lesson Planner->Calendar screen
  2. Mass updating dates for multiple Lesson Plans on the Lesson Planner->Lesson Books->Daily Lesson Plans screen.


Procedure to Move a Single Lesson Plan to a New Date

  1. Go to your Lesson Planner->Calendar screen
  2. Find the Lesson Plan you wish to move                                                                                                                               
  3. Click the button for it. This will bring up a "Move Date" control right in the day box:
  4. Select the new date and click the  button.  If there is no Lesson Plan currently in the selected date, the plan will simply be moved and will immediately  appear in the new day.
  5. If there is already a Lesson Plan in the target date, you are given four options:
    1. Add the Lesson Plan to the new date (E.g. "Complete the move by adding the lesson to 11/16/2012").
    2. Move the plan to the new date and push the plan already in that date forward by 1 day (and continuing to push all affected plans by 1 day). (E.g. "Complete moving lessons equal to or greater than 11/16/2012 forward 1 days").
    3. Swap the lesson with the Lesson Plan in the target date. (E.g. "Complete move to 11/16/2012 by swapping the two lessons").
    4. Cancel the move - do nothing.  ("Cancel Move").
  6. Make your choice to complete the move.

     Procedure to Mass Update Dates for Lesson Plans

  1. Go to your Lesson Planner->Lesson Books->Lesson Plans screen:
  2. Select the Lesson Book and Unit whose plans you wish to update:    
  3. Locate the first Lesson Plan whose "Start" date you wish to change:    
  4. Change the Start date for the Lesson Plan by using the date selector:    
  5. Find the other Lesson Plans you wish to update and change their Start dates as well.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the list of Lesson Plans and click the  button.
  7. Repeat Steps 2 to 6 for additional Lesson Books and Units.

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